Spider Door Access Hardware Safeguards Tenants’ Possessions

SpiderDoor provides gate access hardware and software for self-storage facilities. Seamless gate access integrates with management software.

SpiderDoor is pleased to announce the release of seamless gate access hardware and software for the security of self-storage facilities. The selection of Spider Door gate access products and models integrates efficiently with management software. Management of a facility needs full or at least semi-automated gate access. Gate access that relies on a hard-wired network or wi-fi tends to fail. SpiderDoor offers both internet-connected and cellular data pads to provide tenants with secure and reliable access. None of the units has built-in cameras.

The owner/manager app comes with all access control units. The system can be used without management software, but the company highly recommends using one. The system integrates easily with the premier management programs in the storage industry. The system can also be used as a stand-alone access control system. There are several models to choose from, depending on the type of hardware and software the facility requires.

Additional details are available at https://www.spiderdoor.com/

Four main types of devices can be purchased. The simple keypad with a cellular connection is linked via the cloud. This unit doesn’t require software to load or boxes and controllers installed in the office. Any computer connected to the internet can be used to view the administration program. A keypad that can work anywhere operates as an entrance pad or can be mounted on individual units. The mini keypad operates with a hardwired internet connection.

A hard-wired internet connection is like the cellular unit, except it plugs in with a CAT6 cable. No controllers, boxes, or software must be installed. The Self Storage Gate Access Control Module bypasses any keypad or access control system already in place. It permits opening the gate using the dashboard, manager’s app, or tenant’s app.

The website provides full information about the installation and operation of the units. Shipment is prompt and customer satisfaction is assured. Customer support is reliable and courteous.

About the Company:

SpiderDoor offers a line of access control software and hardware for self-storage units. The units come in various types of installation modes. Improved access control for tenants and managers is the goal. 

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