Orka Socials Launches Advanced SEO Training for Future SEO Experts in Nepal

Through their Advanced SEO training, Orka Socials is working on expanding the knowledge of young Nepali youths interested in digital marketing, internet growth and SEO.

Orka Socials is organizing in-person 1-month-long Advanced SEO Trainings as of 2023 to expand knowledge and guide young SEO enthusiasts passionate about the nuts and bolts of organic online growth. The training will be mentored by Rambabu Thapa, CEO of Orka Socials and his team, who has been working in the sector for more than 10 years now. SEO experts from the team will also facilitate different parts of training modules based on their practised expertise. At present,  Orka Socials is providing multinational SEO services from two residing locations; Kathmandu, Nepal, and Wyoming, US.

The realm of internet marketing is ever-changing, and the demand for ranking one’s online presence at the top is growing. After giving out free SEO training courses, SEO mini-series and other related courses online, the Orka Socials team realized the necessity of all-rounded guidance to enforce more Nepali youths in a rising industry. Digital marketing and website ranking are extremely important as digitization, and globalization is rapidly expanding worldwide. They wanted to create a space in the Nepali internet-sphere that helps the internet digital marketing industry to delve deeper into the world of SEO. They also aim to help trainees build professional-level proficiency in creating and implementing ideal SEO strategies to improve their website performance.

Their advanced SEO Course is dedicated to individuals who want to excel in ranking their business or organization to the top organically and increase traffic. It can also guide individuals who plan on giving such services to various online platforms. This course caters to everyone with a background in digital marketing and basic SEO. Web developers who want to transition to technical SEO can also greatly benefit from its modules.

The training syllabus provides 10 modules intended to walk the trainees through multi-faceted aspects of SEO and technical SEO. It starts with a module designated to building an SEO mindset to evoke a winning attitude in achieving all SEO goals trainees may have. The following modules specialize in selecting and dominating a profitable niche, and then learning SEO and keyword analysis strategies to build a base for reverse engineering.

Similarly, advanced technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and advanced link building are the primary focus of the succeeding modules of the course. The modules then shift the focus to the angle of large/ multilingual and eCommerce sites, followed by building concepts on local SEO and GBP. The training concludes with the final module dedicated to tracking the SEO goals of the trainees and beginning to set up for it.

About Orka Socials:

Orka Socials is a Full-Service SEO Agency providing done-for-you SEO for medium to large enterprises. They are currently helping Shopify Store owners, Multi-national companies, Multi-lingual websites, and SaaS platforms generate revenue using organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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