HelpThemRead: An EdTech Startup Providing Accessible, Visual-Spatial Intelligence, And Affordable Learning For Nigerians Everywhere

Nigeria currently has over 210 million people and it’s the highest in Africa. Of this number, 80 million (40%) are between (age 5 to 18) and high significant number of children between these ages find it difficult to read even though they can speak very well. The educational platform was launched in 2021 and their mission is to bridge the gap between African children and kids in the developed world where there is a high standard of educational facilities and support for good reading culture to change the narrative about the poor reading attitude of Africans to reading to transform Africa through the power of the mind.

Helpthemread is a fast-growing EdTech startup that unites seasoned teachers, creators, and developers to provide affordable, world-class education for Nigerians and beyond. Helpthemread offers richly animated and curriculum-based video lessons, world-class books, practice exercises, social connection, a personalised learning dashboard that empower high/secondary school students (ages 6–18) to study at their unique pace, in and outside the classroom through the usage of ICT and emerging technologies.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and school closure across Nigeria, in 2021, HelpThemRead launched its platform, a disruptive e-learning and reading platform that provides world class books and content online for children. The platform has since reached thousands of learners, with thousands of registered children through their parents/guadiam account to achieving improved learning outcomes and was listed by Nairaland as the #1 basic educational reading platform in Nigeria. HelpThemRead monitors every child’s progress with detailed analytics to help every child identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This technology allows parents and guardians to effectively accelerate their children’s reading abilities.

HelpThemRead has significantly improve the lives of Nigeria children by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to give children the freedom to customize their learning, choose their learning style, integrated AI-powered feedback, parent-driven positive reinforcement, scholarship and understand how they learn best thereby empowering them to be their best.

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