From Mime to Filmmaker: The Story of Daevion Markell Smith and DMS Studios

Daevion Markell Smith, the founder of DMS Studios, has been passionate about the art of mime since a very young age. At just four years old, Daevion’s ability to express himself through mime was quickly noticed by his mother and he soon began performing at his home church, City of Refuge Kingdom Church.

Since then Daevion’s love for mime has grown exponentially as he now uses it as a vehicle for charity events, non-profit organizations, conferences, workshops, and etc. He has even been rewarded with an award from the National Association for the Study and Performance of African American Music (NASPAAM). To top it off, Daevion had the immense honor of opening up for John P. Kee in his hometown of Virginia Beach, VA.

In 2022 Daevion took things one step further when he established DMS Studios as a production company operating under For Your Creation Graphic Design LLC. With its mission being to “transform the expectation of a production by providing quality work & ethic”, DMS Studios focuses on shorts, feature films, television shows and documentaries that have an emphasis on giving stories “a clear voice that seamlessly integrates throughout” them.

He currently finds himself hard at work in pre-production for Yahweh’s Children (YC), which is co-executive produced by writer Ashyna Robsinson.

YC centers around a historically black college university (HBCU) dealing with nefarious times including scandalous allegations, financial crisis and demonic oppression – all set against a backdrop of faith and hope. The project is slated to begin actual filming in 2023 but due to contractual agreements DMS Studios and all affiliates refuse to disclose any information regarding future distribution plans or release dates yet.

It’s easy to see how Daevion’s passion for innovative expression through art forms such as mime continuously shines on into his present endeavors with DMS Studios productions.

There are many more exciting prospects in store for both this up-and-coming studio as well as its founder who is in talks of developing his full length feature mime recording. The DMS Studios team always goes above and beyond in order to make sure that each story they tell is fully expressed with their own unique voice.

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