Author and Award-Winning Nanny Maria Culley Wins the Literary Titan Silver Award for Her Children’s Book “There’s a Nanny in My House!”

Author and Award-Winning Nanny Maria Culley Wins the Literary Titan Silver Award for Her Children’s Book "There’s a Nanny in My House!"
“There’s a Nanny in MY House!” is author Maria Culley’s award-winning children’s book written to help children as they adjust to life with a nanny in their homes. Culley’s book is the recipient of Literary Titan’s Silver Award as it has been recognized for its success in both entertaining and informing readers while delivering thought-provoking concepts.

“…a fantastic resource for parents that want to prepare their children for having a nanny in their house.” ~ Literary Titan 4-Star Review

Maria Culley has handed families a wonderful tool in her children’s book There’s a Nanny in MY House! Literary Titan recognized Culley’s work with their Silver Award for her work in changing the way families and children view the contribution of nannies in the household. Culley, a Family Children’s Champion Award Finalist, dedicates her life to working with young children and increasing support for both families and children. Her book is leaving a lasting impact on young readers and their parents.

“The illustrations are fantastic and engaging, giving lots to relate to and talk about for young ones.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review.

About the Book:

Maria Culley’s There’s a Nanny in MY House! features Millie and her brother Freddie. The two have no complaints; their lives are just fine the way they are. When the siblings least suspect it, someone new arrives at their home. A nanny is the last person they expected or wanted in THEIR home. Millie isn’t sure she needs anyone to look after her and her brother. She is anxious, apprehensive about this new experience, and is really unsure of how Mr. Ted will feel about this new person in their lives.

“Finally, a book highlighting the importance of Nannies and their unique role in families and children’s [lives].” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

About the Author:

Maria Culley lives in Silsden and has worked with young children for more than 15 years. She has over 15 years’ experience in child care in both the United Kingdom and internationally. She is working with her MP Robbie Moore to regulate the Nanny industry in the United Kingdom through The Road to Nanny Regulation. In addition to her Literary Titan Silver Award for There’s a Nanny in MY House!, Culley is a LUXlife Parent and Baby Awards Winner 2022 for Most Inspiring Early Years Nanny. She is also a Family Children’s Champion Finalist 2022. Of her accomplishments, Maria Culley states: “There are a lot of books readily available for starting a nursery, new school so it made sense that the gap in the market was filled. It’s an honour to be an award-winning nanny and now an award-winning author too.”

“Author Maria Culley has created a wonderfully educational children’s book.” ~ Literary Titan 4-Star Review

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