Introducing Dissertation Complete Coaching: Finish A PhD Dissertation With Greater Ease

Dissertation Complete Coaching, directed by Dr. Cara Weston-Edell, offers doctoral and masters candidates specialized coaching services for completing their dissertations. With extensive experience working with students from around the world, Dissertation Complete Coaching provides personalized guidance on all aspects of the dissertation project, from topic selection to defense preparation.

Ontario, Canada – Completing a doctorate or master´s degree can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the dissertation process. Dissertation Complete Coaching, led by Dr. Cara Weston-Edell,, is an individualized coaching service that helps graduate students navigate the dissertation process, from topic selection to defense preparation, with greater ease and less stress. 

Dr. Weston-Edell, whose doctoral research focused on international projects in higher education, understands the challenges of completing a graduate degree while working professionally and raising a family. Over the past two decades, she has helped hundreds of students from around the globe implement specific strategies to finish their dissertations efficiently.

“Many grad students experience anxiety and anguish during the dissertation process, and it often takes years to complete – or is never finished,” says Dr. Weston-Edell. “Working with an effective dissertation coach can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to finish your dissertation and complete your degree, allowing you to move forward with your post-graduate life sooner.”

Dissertation Complete Coaching’s unique approach is based on collaboration, support and strategy. Dr. Weston-Edell works closely with each student to set concrete and manageable project targets, assess and refine them as needed, and provide feedback on all aspects of the dissertation process. This includes proposal development, literature review, research methodology and design, analysis, discussion, defense preparation, and committee navigation.  She helps students address any self-defeating blockages, including unhealthy lifestyle habits, anxiety, and procrastination, and helps them structure their time to make the process manageable and even enjoyable. The company also provides full academic editing of dissertations as a separate service. 

“I was really struggling with my dissertation, and felt like I was running out of time,” says Max E., a recent client of Dissertation Complete Coaching. “Dr. Weston helped me to break down my project into weekly goals and provided me with guidance and support along the way. With her help, I was able to complete my dissertation on time and defend it successfully.”

About Dissertation Complete Coaching:

Dissertation Complete Coaching is an innovative coaching service transforming the graduate school experience. With Dr. Cara Weston-Edell at the helm, the company provides students with a collaborative, strategic and supportive experience to help them complete their doctoral dissertations or master’s theses efficiently and painlessly. 

Graduate students are offered personalized support to keep them on track and accountable, at every phase of the project. With a unique approach focusing on project management, content development  and psychological well-being, Dissertation Complete Coaching is changing the game for graduate students around the globe.

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