SKINKEY’s new hot explosive “invisible double collagen tightening facial mask”

Super magic invisible collagen appears! SKINKEY’s brand new hot “invisible double collagen firming facial mask” is a must for girls, which can instantly rejuvenate the skin and rejuvenate the young muscles!

When Girls are young so the skin will be white and smooth. Someone only need to sleep to get the effect of rejuvenation. It is the blessing of collagen! However, after 25+, the collagen began to drain rapidly, and the loose and fine lines appeared one by one, making people want to cry without tears! However, collagen is difficult to ingest from daily food. In addition to collagen drinks, is there any other skin care products that can inject a large amount of collagen into the skin? As a young woman, the art editor has recently tried out a super magic facial mask! It can inject collagen into the skin, and at the same time, it can fully rejuvenate the skin, immediately lift the contour, regain the skin’s Q elasticity and super work. The divine effect makes the beauty editor fall in love with it after a try, and instantly become the new favorite of skin care. It’s no time to delay. Now share with people the strongest anti-aging good thing that can’t be accepted!

#Girls must know that the loss of collagen is not only a matter of age!

Collagen is a protein that can increase the elasticity and stretch of the skin. In addition to the gradual loss of collagen with age, the bad habits that many urban women will commit will lead to the accelerated loss of collagen, such as staying up too late, holding makeup for too long, drying, stress… When the collagen is lost, the facial tissue will lose its support and sag, and the wrinkles will become deeper, even if the skin is good, there will be an obvious sense of aging. Moreover, when the skin loses its extensibility, the pores will become thick and difficult to recover, and the healing speed of damaged skin will also slow down! Therefore, collagen is the most important element to maintain a healthy body. The beauty editors who are afraid of early aging should switch to the facial mask containing bone collagen as soon as possible to inject collagen into the skin and keep the skin young and energetic!

#Facial mask must be tried, one spray of ossein can seep!

“Invisible Double Collagen Firming facial mask” 1 box of 2 products includes invisible double collagen freeze-dried omentum and water injection skin rejuvenating essence. The invisible double collagen lyophilized mesh uses double collagen, together with natto collagen and hydrolyzed collagen. In addition to strengthening the cutin and improving the skin’s self-moisturizing ability, natto collagen also contains a variety of vitamins and polyglutamic acid( γ- PGA), help smooth skin, smooth fine lines and increase Q elasticity! The micro-molecular essence contains the patented skin-rejuvenating ingredient SK-inlux ® V and water lock magnet Pentavitin ®, One spray will effectively penetrate and seal collagen! In addition, the facial mask adopts a two-piece tailoring design to ensure positioning and penetration! Friends with big faces and small faces don’t need to worry. They can cover the face in all directions and fully attract collagen

The facial mask is also added with anti allergic ingredients such as lavender extract and aloe essence, which is suitable for any skin. Any dry, oily, mixed and sensitive acne skin can be tried, helping to suppress inflammation, increase wound healing speed and repair skin tissue!

#SKINKEY, a medical brand from the United States, creates the strongest skin barrier with professional technology!

In addition to bad living habits and long-term stress, living in places with many people and cars in downtown Hong Kong, the environmental pollutants and ultraviolet rays around can not be ignored. There is a chance that skin cells will shrink and “chronic inflammation” will occur. Even a wrinkle on the face may be caused by chronic inflammation accelerating cell aging. SKINKEY, a hypoallergenic skin care brand, creates the strongest skin barrier for urban women on the above issues, and is “zero stimulation”. It does not contain artificial fragrances, pigments, harmful surfactants and antioxidants, and uses internationally recognized safety preservatives, which are suitable for any skin. Based on science, it combines natural plant extract and patented formula. As long as we follow the four stages of SKINKEY’s high-efficient skincare procedure: “cleaning, nourishing, repairing, and restarting”, we can stimulate the skin’s self-healing ability, improve the barrier function and avoid being stimulated by the environment and living habits.

#Actually measured by the US editor: skin changes into Q bullet! Contour lifting, pores shrinking, skin color brighter and whiter! Every night, a spray can make girls feel super!

The beauty editors who have been polluted by the environment for a long time and accelerated cell aging decided to immediately switch to the “invisible double collagen firming facial mask” containing collagen and effectively locking water! Moreover, the use method is simple and there are no complicated steps. It is suitable to enjoy Me Time in use at the same time

  1. After cleaning and toning, spray the Collagen Matrix Boosting Complex evenly
  2. Cover the upper and lower sections of Collagen Matrix Freeze-Dried Mask on the face until it fits the clothes, gently press and pull up the lower jaw and forehead
  3. Then spray the Collagen Matrix Boosting Complex evenly until the facial mask is completely wet
  4. Wait 15-20 minutes and then take off the facial mask

Is the above four steps super simple? When the art editor first uses it, he can feel the intimate part of the upper and lower facial mask, which can cling to the whole face and inject collagen force, which is particularly impressive! After use, the skin becomes more hydrated and tight, and the contour becomes bright. The fine lines at the moment and the pores on the nose side have disappeared and become smoother

If girls want to avoid early loss of collagen, try SKINKEY’s “Invisible Double Collagen Firming facial mask” 1 box of 2 products!

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