Alexa, the Intuitive Consultant and Personal Development Expert Successfully Completes 20 Years of Service

Alexa is an intuitive consultant, tarot specialist, numerologist and personal development expert. She works with people, companies, organizations, and other institutions to find their way, and chart the best course for their success. She is there to provide service by answering questions and giving solutions for anything and everything, from politics and the stock market to relationships, family, and more.

Alexa is an acclaimed, New York-based professional Intuitive consultant and personal development expert for her great quality of service. Because of her experience and expertise, Alexa is regarded as one of the best intuitive consultants internationally, working with individuals and families in need – searching for answers, trying to move forward, or finding closure. “I hope you will allow me to be part of your solution. I promise you that when we work together, I will not only help you find answers to your questions, but you will also benefit from confidentiality.” Alexa stated about the quality and confidentiality of her service.

As a firm believer that mental and spiritual health are interconnected, Alexa has guided countless people and private clients including more than 500 companies in finding the solutions and the balance in their lives required for success, spiritual health, and personal development. Each of her clients receives individualized attention from her as she works with them to navigate daily life, deal with the hurts of the past, and gain the confidence they need to create a better, brighter future. Whether it’s letting go of the past, being able to seize the future, or discovering the hidden solutions to your problems, Alexa is ready to assist and awaits your request.

Alexa has a background in medical and healthcare administration, but her clairvoyance, clairsentience, and intuition led her in a different way. She has now provided consulting services for a wide range of clients for more than 20 years, including Fortune 500 corporations, politicians, NFL insiders, regular Joes, and Wall Street and Hollywood elites. Alexa can assist you, whether you need guidance, knowledge, closure, or energetic awareness. She is prepared to help you reach clarity, healing, and understanding in ways that conventional approaches would not be able to do so by utilizing her special metaphysical abilities, skills, and experiences as well as her own life events.

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