Shingle Magic Sealer Roof Rejuvenation Achieves Exceptional Results in Wind Resistance ASTM D 3161 Test

October 26, 2023 – Las Vegas, NV – Shingle Magic, a leading roofing solution provider headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, proudly announces that its groundbreaking product, Shingle Magic Sealer Roof Rejuvenation, has achieved outstanding results in the renowned Wind Resistance ASTM D 3161 Test.

With a mission statement that resonates with homeowners and establishments across the country – “Don’t replace your roof! Restore, protect, preserve with shingle magic!” – the company is set on a trajectory to redefine the way we perceive roofing maintenance.

Shingle Magic’s Astonishing Performance On Its Wind Resistance ASTM D 3161 Test

Having undergone and excelled in the Wind Resistance ASTM D 3161 Test, Shingle Magic Sealer’s credibility stands fortified. This test, known for its stringent benchmarks, establishes a product’s resilience against wind uplift, a common threat to roofing longevity.

The ASTM D 3161 test is a rigorous standard test method for wind resistance of sealed asphalt shingles against uplift forces. This industry-respected test is pivotal in determining a product’s ability to withstand the forces of nature, especially in regions prone to strong wind conditions.

Shingle Magic Sealer’s performance in this test is a testament to its superior quality and effectiveness. Not only does the product rejuvenate the appearance and performance of asphalt shingles, but it also provides enhanced protection against the forces of wind.

“We are thrilled with the results of the ASTM D 3161 test,” says Frank Carman – CEO of Shingle Magic. “It reinforces our commitment to offering a product that not only rejuvenates but also protects. Our customers can be confident in the resilience and durability of their roofs when treated with Shingle Magic Sealer.”

Why Have Thousands of Homeowners Chosen Shingle Magic?

Shingle Magic Sealer isn’t just about aesthetics and protection. It’s a comprehensive solution crafted meticulously with a slew of benefits:

Preservation at Its Best: A proprietary rejuvenating clear sealer that extends your roof’s lifespan up to 30 years.

Economical: Prevents the expensive cost of re-roofing with an exclusive Consumer First Protection Warranty lasting for a decade.

Rejuvenation: Restores the original color, bonds shingle granules, penetrates and rejuvenates, and ensures added flexibility and impact resistance.

Protection: Prevents mold, mildew, and moss growth, with CoolSeal Colors being heat reflective and UV resistant.

Environmentally Conscious: In a time when tons of shingles are discarded into landfills annually, Shingle Magic curbs this wastage. The solution guarantees granules stay bound to your shingles, reducing environmental impact.

The brand also offers Metal Magic for Roofs and Siding Magic for Exterior Ceramic Wall Coatings, broadening its range of top-tier products that cater to various roofing and exterior needs.

Going Green with Shingle Magic

A noteworthy attribute of Shingle Magic Roof Specialist is its environmental conscience. Shingle granules, often non-biodegradable and sometimes coated with environmentally harmful ceramic paint, contribute significantly to landfill waste. By ensuring granule adherence, Shingle Magic plays a pivotal role in reducing this waste. Furthermore, the benefits of their CoolSeal Colors are manifold: they reflect harmful UV rays, reduce energy consumption, and further extend the shingle life.

For a closer look at Shingle Magic Sealer in action, visit the Shingle Magic YouTube Channel. Further company information and its innovations can be found on Shingle Magic Crunchbase and Shingle Magic LinkedIn.

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Located at 1180 N. Town Center Drive, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89144, Shingle Magic is dedicated to offering revolutionary roofing solutions that prioritize both aesthetic appeal and performance. For inquiries or further information, they can be reached at (866) 870-2103 or via their official website You can also check their Linkedin and Tiktok accounts at and

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