Sheryll Fraze of Garment Saver Launches A New Book – A Conscientious Guide To Wardrobe Care


Author and founder of Garment Saver, Sheryll Fraze, announces the release of “A Conscientious Guide To Wardrobe Care,” which discusses the impact of clothing dumping and ways of reducing pollution

Sheryll Fraze has just taken a giant step towards reducing global pollution, starting from her area of expertise – fashion, as she releases a new book titled, A Conscientious Guide To Wardrobe Care. The book is unique as it addresses pollution by looking at the effect of clothing dumping and how consumers can help reduce their footprint in this phenomenon.

“We are in a time of increased awareness about caring for our planet. This includes being conscientious of the things we do that affect its wellbeing, and taking doable actions to minimize our negative impact. With textile dumping in landfills becoming a global concern, the wardrobe purchases we make, how we care for them and dispose of them are an important part of what we can do, in some small way, to help the larger efforts of caring for the Earth. This book offers eco-friendly wardrobe care tips that you can integrate into your lifestyle; information that may help in buying decisions (to lessen clutter and overbuying); and some things to think about (as far as our perception of the wardrobe items we buy).” – Sheryll Fraze.

Environmental pollution has become a disturbing phenomenon that has continued to stir up conversation, with the visible effects of global warming further bringing the subject to the fore in recent times. Landfills have been identified as major contributors to air pollution, in particular, emitting dust and gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. With the discussions around air pollution and its contributing factors, growing attention seems to be going in the direction of the clothing industry and how the activities of different stakeholders damage the environment. Sheryll Fraze has decided to take the bull by the horns, using her over 3 decades of experience in the fashion business to offer practical solutions that can help consumers contribute to reducing pollution one wardrobe at a time.

The decision for Sheryll to release A Conscientious Guide To Wardrobe Care is particularly timely, considering the recent stats relating clothing dumping to environmental pollution. A report revealed that clothing and textiles disposed to landfills in the US rose from approximately 8 million tons in 2010 to over 10 million tons per year in 2018. That figure has significantly risen to just over 17 million tons per year, as of 2023. Therefore, the book is expected to significantly reduce the menace, as Sheryll continues in the laudable cause of reducing environmental pollution, as reiterated by the activities of her company, Garment Saver.

Sheryll founded Garment Saver to provide people with eco-friendly organizers and protectors for home storage and travel needs, leveraging her years of experience to offer easy solutions for everyday consumers. Garment Saver focuses on designing stylish wardrobe organizers that will keep the clothing tidy and durable, ultimately reducing waste and protecting the environment. The company also offers information on clothing care tips to consumers worldwide.

A Conscientious Guide To Wardrobe Care is carefully divided into three parts – Key Concerns And Drivers Of Textile Dumping, Solutions To Clothing Discard To Landfills (with a focus on making thoughtful purchasing decisions and sustainable disposition), and Wardrobe Care Tools, with removable reference charts on wardrobe care that anyone can implement. In addition to containing helpful tips on reducing carbon footprint, buyers will also be contributing to environmental causes, with 5% of netbook sales donated to help organizations involved in the issues of planet care.

To learn more about A Conscientious Guide To Wardrobe Care and other resources offered by Sheryll and the rest of the team at Garment Saver to save the planet one piece of clothing at a time, visit – The campaign continues across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.

About Sheryll Fraze

Sheryll Fraze has loved the creative arts and clothing from a tender age. She has been in the fashion business for over three decades, starting as a designer in Manhattan’s 7th Avenue garment district, before graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, and then in various positions in California. Her background includes being a retail store manager, merchandiser, and buyer. She credits her experiences on both the wholesale and retail sides of the fashion business with giving her broad expertise about fashion and its ecological impact. She founded Garment Saver over 15 years ago to help clients care for their wardrobes with eco-friendly organizers and protectors for home storage and travel needs.

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