“Moral City, Charming Zhoukou” Appeared in Times Square in New York Again

At the beginning of the new year, all things change from old to new. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the theme poster of Zhoukou in China once again made a wonderful appearance in Times Square in New York, USA, introducing the unique charm of Zhoukou, the “Lingang New City”, to the people all over the world.


Zhoukou boarded Times Square in New York, USA

Zhoukou is located in the southeast of Henan Province and the hinterland of Huanghuai Plain. Historically, Zhoukou, also known as “Zhoujia Ferry”, is famous for its water, which thrives on it. Shahe River, Yinghe River and Jialuhe River meet, and in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it created a prosperous water transportation with “thousands of lights shining in Jiangpu and thousands of boats gathering like Han’gao”, and is known as “Little Wuhan”.

Zhoukou Central Port is the largest modern comprehensive port and container port in Henan Province and one of the 36 major inland ports in China. In recent years, Zhoukou adheres to the development orientation of “port-facing new city and opening frontier”, and the “1+9” port system with Zhoukou central port as the leader has been put into operation, and 18 domestic container routes and 10 international container routes have been opened successively, with an annual cargo throughput of over 40 million tons. It has become a new starting point for Henan to dock with the Maritime Silk Road, a bridgehead integrated into the Yangtze River Delta and a new hub for southeast Henan to open to the outside world.


Panorama of Zhoukou central port

Zhoukou has a long history and splendid culture. It is the old capital of Xihuang and the hometown of Laozi. In recent years, Zhoukou City, Henan Province has thoroughly implemented the strategy of integration of literature, tourism, culture and innovation, actively integrated into the brand building of “Walking in Henan and Understanding China”, actively declared as a national historical and cultural city, and continued to use literature to mold tourism and tourism to display literature in the process of protection, inheritance and innovation, thus drawing a brand-new picture of the integration and development of literature and tourism in Sanchuan. “Moral city and charming Zhoukou” has become the most distinctive cultural symbol and the most beautiful city business card of this city.


Laozi statue in Luyi, Zhoukou, Henan Province (Zhoukou is Laozi’s hometown)

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