Studio Lot Orlando Acquires 4,050 Sq. Ft. Facility with Prebuilt Sets for Complete Filmmaking Projects

The acquisition of this new multifunctional studio in Oviedo, Florida iterates the company’s commitment to ensuring Florida becomes a thriving hub in Hollywood

Studio Lot Orlando is pleased to announce the acquisition of a state-of-the-art studio in Oviedo, Florida where filmmaking projects can be executed from start to finish. The studio is a 4,050 sq. ft facility that has 15 prebuilt sets and would make movie production a breeze for directors and producers. Among the many benefits of the Studio Lot Orlando facility are cost-efficiency, time-saving, and increased production value.

Creating movies in the United States is a challenging feat that requires a strong resolve and a strategic approach. It involves significant financial investments, meticulous logistical planning, and efficient time management skills. Producers, directors, actors, and actresses always seek ways to lessen their workload and create quality movies in time. Location scouting and other hurdles are also part of the equation.

Instead of grappling with the challenges of movie production, Studio Lot Orlando is providing an all-inclusive studio for production executives that comes with prebuilt sets. This facility aims to make movie production less stressful by reducing logistical burdens and time constraints. The studio offers all the necessary extras that a typical movie production requires.

“As a Florida native and Full Sail University Alumni, we are passionate about bringing film to Florida with accessibility for everyone,” explained Beth Wheatley, Co-Founder of Studio Lot Orlando. “There are many studios in Orlando, and everyone does things that work for the industry. We are bringing a unique form of innovation by providing prebuilt sets with props and costume availability. Our desire is to be a one-stop shop where you can film a whole movie in one location.”

Aside from providing sets for their productions, Studio Lot Orlando can, on request, provide their team of industry professionals to help their clients with their shoots. The facility is open for filming 24 hours, seven days. Production executives can book appointments to get a tour to ascertain the quality of their facility at Studio Lot Orlando. Furthermore, Studio Lot Orlando allows upgrades, including film teams, props, or costumes.

One of Studio Lot Orlando’s goals is to make film production cheaper. Their services are affordable and come in flexible calculations of 2-hour to 12-hour intervals. This provision ensures filmmakers get great value for their money. The facility is also open to photographers, TikTok and Instagram influencers, film students, and anyone in need of a studio facility for any form of production purpose.

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Studio Lot Orlando was established in April 2021 by Beth Wheatley and Justine Renee to be a one-stop shop for film and photography studio rental needs. The facility is equipped with backdrops and production sets all in one location. They also provide affordable options for actors, photographers, film students, and indie filmmakers.

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