“Trend to The Future” – Chengdu IFS 10th Anniversary Embarks on a Radiant Journey

In 2014, Chengdu IFS took root in the vibrant core of the city when the much-anticipated giant panda outdoor art installation, I AM HERE, made its grand debut. This marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Chengdu IFS and the city itself. With its multi-level commercial spaces, diverse range of brands, and groundbreaking cross-disciplinary events, Chengdu IFS pioneered a new era for commerce in Chengdu. However, the exploration did not stop there. From being Chengdu’s first high-end urban complex to evolving into an integral part of the city’s fabric—a beloved destination for the public and a thriving hub of cutting-edge art and cultural trends—Chengdu IFS has continuously pushed boundaries.

On January 14, 2024, Chengdu IFS celebrated its tenth anniversary with the vision of “TREND TO THE FUTURE.” The festivities kicked off with a spectacular cross-dimensional visual experience, with the iconic I AM HERE installation taking center stage. This celebration aimed to immerse the city in the unique pulse of Chengdu that Chengdu IFS represents and foster an unbroken tapestry of urban memories co-created with the community.

Chengdu IFS embarks on its tenth anniversary celebration

Unleash the Full Potential. Forge Extraordinary Experiences and Essence.

From being hailed as “Wharf China’s flagship commercial project in mainland China” to becoming the “first benchmark commercial project in Southwest China with annual sales exceeding 10 billion RMB,” Chengdu IFS has always been committed to understanding consumer perspectives and market trends. Built on the foundation of consumption, experience, and service as its three-dimensional coordinates, Chengdu IFS has continuously strived to create more flexible and diversified commercial spaces. Since its inception, Chengdu IFS has been an abundant source of vibrant consumer appeal and vitality for the Chunxi Road business district. By adopting a user-centric approach and staying attuned to market dynamics, Chengdu IFS has consistently delivered powerful consumer cohesion and energy, contributing significantly to Chengdu’s accelerated development as an international consumption hub.

Over the past decade, Chengdu IFS has continuously challenged traditional concepts of commercial space and diligently improved its business format matrix. With a key focus on attracting flagship stores, it has successfully introduced over 300 global, national, regional, and city-level first stores, offering the public a constant stream of fresh consumer choices.

In 2023, Chengdu IFS brought a brand-new consumer landscape to Chengdu with 30 first stores spanning diverse sectors such as international luxury brands, jewelry and watches, leisure and trendy gadgets, and gastronomy. Among them are Chengdu’s first CASA LOEWE and the inaugural Southwest China store of ERMANNO SCERVINO. This gathering also includes globally renowned emerging design brands such as GANNI from Denmark, the Los Angeles fashion house AMIRI, Jason Wu’s New York-based brand, domestic designer brand CALVINLUO, and the Southwest China debut of international contemporary luxury brand ANEST COLLECTIVE. These offerings provide young consumers with firsthand access to fashionable goods.

Additionally, Chengdu IFS has provided fertile ground for the growth of local fashion brands, welcoming the likes of CHICJOC, RÈSIMPLE, Songmont, and others. The continuous opening of new stores not only refreshes the consumer experience but also stimulates market vitality in the region, contributing to the international development of the city’s core commercial area.


New Store Openings at Chengdu IFS in 2023

In addition to introducing innovative brands, Chengdu IFS has consistently kept a close eye on consumer trends when designing its trade mix and layout. As a result, it has created a comprehensive beauty experience shopping zone and social space known as “IFS BEAUTY.” This extraordinary concept brings a wide range of top-tier beauty boutiques to the public, including the flagship store of GUCCI Beauty, the first BURBERRY BEAUTY store, the boutique store of Penhaligon’s (a century-old British fragrance house), and the flagship store of L’Artisan Parfumeur (a pioneering French niche perfume brand).

Moreover, Chengdu IFS has also introduced several renowned overseas luxury beauty platforms, each making its debut in the region. These include Bonnie&Clyde, the first store of its kind, ACHMIQUE, the first skincare aesthetic concept store, and THANN, the flagship store of a Thai fragrance and spa care brand. These curated additions have infused the Southwest market with a vibrant “beauty vitality,” offering a diverse and captivating beauty shopping experience.

Furthermore, Chengdu IFS, with its powerful portfolio of high-end watch brands, continues to amplify its advantage in the luxury goods category. It has gathered leading high-end brands in the Swiss luxury watch industry, such as PANERAI, and prestigious French jewelry watchmaker Van Cleef & Arpels. Chengdu IFS consistently enhances its brand hierarchy and portfolio, leveraging the power of clustering to unleash value and provide exclusive products and a premium shopping experience for high-end customers.

In addition to serving as a platform for many brands’ first entry into the regional market, Chengdu IFS hosts various grand exhibitions showcasing brand culture and eye-catching new product launches. As a highlight of the brand’s annual activities, Max Mara chose Chengdu IFS as the first stop for its global tour exhibition, while Longchamp presented its collaborative collection with artist Robert Indiana, featuring a giant bag installation showcased for the first time worldwide. PANERAI, the Swiss luxury watch brand, unveiled its Chengdu IFS Watch Appreciation Exhibition with its global brand ambassador Ms. Dilraba Dilmurat, showcasing the brand’s classic style and extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship. This allows consumers to experience the cutting-edge international trends firsthand.

Max Mara presents “The Fluffy Residence”: An Immersive Pop-Up, Global Debut

In terms of member services, Chengdu IFS remains at the forefront of digital development trends. It continuously innovates by optimizing online services, transcending the limitations of time and space. This ensures that members have access to more convenient purchasing channels and exclusive experiences. The member mini-program is specifically designed to cater to evolving needs and offers engaging interactive games to sustain member engagement.

Additionally, Chengdu IFS has launched its fashion-focused new media platform, CHANNEL IFS. This platform selectively invites VIP members to serve as guest hosts, transforming them into Key Opinion Customers (KOC). This strategic approach effectively reaches potential consumer groups and leverages word-of-mouth and recommendations to drive sales, thus creating a comprehensive commercial promotion cycle.

Through meticulous cultivation of member initiatives, Chengdu IFS maintains the continuous attention and active consumption of its VIP customers. This personalized approach ensures that VIP customers remain engaged and loyal participants in the vibrant offerings of Chengdu IFS.

To enhance the quality of services provided to the public, Chengdu IFS has introduced intelligent navigation robots to facilitate the smart operation and efficient management of the building. These robots assist with tasks such as guiding visitors and ensuring smooth operations. In addition, building delivery robots have been deployed to provide convenient services such as autonomous delivery of meals, effectively coordinating the ecosystem of parcel collection and delivery within the building and intelligently enhancing the productivity of every user. Looking ahead, Chengdu IFS also plans to introduce mobile charging robots in the underground parking lot. This initiative aims to provide a seamless and efficient charging solution for electric vehicle owners, further enhancing their mobility and overall experience.

Unleash the Intriguing Essence of Humanity. Ignite Imagination within Spaces.

In its journey of pioneering urban commercial development, Chengdu IFS steadfastly embraces humanistic art as its core, forging a fresh paradigm that blends functionality, emotional resonance, and spiritual enrichment. By offering a friendly haven for urban art enthusiasts, Chengdu IFS becomes an essential catalyst in Chengdu’s quest to create the “Three Cities, Three Capitals,” igniting imagination and inspiring cultural vibrancy.

Born from Lawrence Argent’s vision to “break the boundaries of commercial space,” the endearing “Climbing Panda” sculpture, I AM HERE, came into existence alongside Chengdu IFS. It swiftly became an iconic urban landmark and a trailblazer in activating nationwide intellectual property (IP). Over the span of a decade, Chengdu IFS has meticulously organized a series of extraordinary events where renowned artists and celebrities have not only collaborated but also smartly interacted with I AM HERE, enhancing the overall experience.

From the awe-inspiring “Light Rose Garden” public art installation to the captivating “Fun in the AiR” AR art exhibition and the immersive interactive art experience known as “the MELON-VERSE,” these events showcase the seamless integration of I AM HERE. With their ingenuity, renowned artists and celebrities have ingeniously engaged with I AM HERE, infusing these events with fresh sparks of creativity and have further elevated the charm and appeal of Chengdu IFS.

Chengdu IFS has amplified I AM HERE’s prominence with exclusive merchandise, pop-up stores, and collectibles, elevating its brand value. I AM HERE takes center stage in Chengdu’s metaverse exploration, captivating the public and inspiring renowned artists and celebrities to interact creatively with this beloved symbol.

Today, I AM HERE has become an emblem of Chengdu’s rapid transformation, telling the story of the city’s remarkable growth. Whether during traditional festivities or bustling tourist seasons, Chengdu IFS ensures that I AM HERE, alongside esteemed artists and celebrities, is an ever-present and cherished participant in every vibrant event.

I AM HERE in 3D: Surprising Encounters with the Public Across Dimensions

The diverse “business +” cross-industry innovation activities have brought brilliance to Chengdu. The “Chengdu Parcours Art Festival,” born out of the friendship between Chengdu IFS and the Left Bank Saint-Germain-des-Prés Committee in Paris, brings back the concept and spirit of “integrating art into daily life and infusing daily life with art” to Chengdu. The contemporary art installations, imbued with artistic and modern charm, offer the public an artistic feast. The “Discovering the Himalayas” contemporary Tibetan art exhibition, surpassing previous scales, leads the public to explore an unseen Tibet.

From the themed event “WE’RE ALL SMURFS Hot Summer Vacation,” to popular IPs such as SANRIO’s Hello Kitty and Disney’s Donald Duck, Chengdu IFS hosts a variety of well-known characters during the summer vacation each year. Breaking through the dimensional barriers, these events create a vibrant atmosphere, allowing the public to enjoy the hot summer together. Collaborations with renowned French architectural artist Cyril Lancelin in the immersive art exhibition “the MELON-VERSE” and with Japanese street art legend Ryoji “Taku” Kamiyama in the large-scale interactive art exhibition “UNBOXING!” offer fresh, interesting, and unique immersive spaces. These exhibitions not only integrate multiple elements such as art and culture but also provide multi-sensory experiences that cater to current trends. They create customized IFS-themed merchandise and exclusive digital collectibles, shaping unique platforms for individuals to engrave their memories.


“UNBOXING!”: Interactive Art Exhibition Unveiling in 2023.

As a landmark and paradigm of urban complexes in Chengdu, Chengdu IFS has a responsibility to fulfill its social obligations and contribute to the sustainable development of city life. With a range of initiatives, it actively practices social responsibility, aiming to create a sustainable urban living system and promote the healthy development of the city. From the very design stage, Chengdu IFS has adhered to environmental principles, emphasizing the creation of favorable conditions for the harmonious coexistence of people, buildings, and the environment.

In 2016, Chengdu IFS became the first building project in Southwest China to achieve the prestigious LEED Platinum certification for existing building operations and maintenance. This achievement serves as a model for green and environmentally friendly development in the country. Over the course of its ten years of operation, Chengdu IFS has implemented various energy-saving optimization projects. These include non-potable water recycling, boiler flue gas heat recovery, the transformation of chilled water and cooling water systems using variable frequency technology, rainwater harvesting, energy management systems, and innovative air circulation systems. These initiatives actively promote the ideals of green and sustainable development, making tangible contributions to global energy conservation and environmental friendliness.

Regarding the art events organized by Chengdu IFS, there is often a prominent display of green principles. One notable example is “The Migration” a public art exhibition held in collaboration with the Italian environmental art organization, Cracking Art. The exhibition features artworks made entirely from recyclable plastic materials. After the exhibition in Chengdu, the animal sculptures will travel to other Wharf Group properties, ensuring a continued focus on environmental consciousness.

Additionally, Chengdu IFS proactively organizes a variety of philanthropic activities that integrate care and environmentally friendly lifestyles into community engagement. These initiatives encompass diverse areas such as recycling, architectural preservation, inclusive integration of people with disabilities, and animal rescue. The aim of these activities is to encourage employees to personally embrace and practice a green way of life. By doing so, employees contribute to alleviating pressure on the planet and reducing the burden on the environment.

Embrace the Future. Revitalize Commercial Spaces.

With the motto “TREND TO THE FUTURE,” Chengdu IFS sets its sights on both a goal and a guiding principle. As it enters its tenth year, Chengdu IFS finds itself on a new path, continually embracing challenges and driving diversified innovations from multiple dimensions. These initiatives provide vital momentum for self-transformation and renewal.

In the year 2024, Chengdu IFS will witness a continued influx of resources from numerous international and domestic brands. Notably, the CHANEL boutique will undergo a significant revitalization, introducing the exclusive CHANEL Salon to offer customers a more intimate and upscale shopping experience. Additionally, LOUIS VUITTON will undergo a comprehensive expansion and upgrade, enhancing the store’s spatial layout and product range.

The arrival of esteemed brands at Chengdu IFS is highly anticipated. Bell&Ross, a renowned Swiss watch brand, will make its mark, alongside the flagship store of Emperor Cinemas, the first mainland China store of KEF, and the special concept store FUGA. These exciting additions will diversify the offerings available to visitors. Furthermore, Chengdu IFS is actively expanding its beauty zone as part of the second phase, while simultaneously creating a brand-new sports area. These endeavors aim to introduce fresh lifestyle brands and cater to a wide range of consumer preferences. The children’s section will also witness further segmentation and upgrade, providing an exceptional experience for our young visitors.

In the realm of services, Chengdu IFS will proactively monitor and respond to evolving consumer demands. It will focus on refining member operations and gradually establish an intelligent business district to cater to these needs. By optimizing the operational corporate community and strengthening interaction and communication with consumers, Chengdu IFS aims to enhance customer profiling and deliver personalized services. The management and operations of the membership program will continue to leverage data platforms and brand performance indicators, utilizing big data to develop targeted operational strategies and cultivate specific customer segments. These initiatives will enable the implementation of diverse member benefits, ultimately enhancing the overall consumer experience.

Additionally, Chengdu IFS takes concrete steps to support emerging domestic cultural and artistic communities. It closely follows emerging lifestyle trends and integrates local culture, fostering cultural creativity and exploring new expressions of traditional heritage. While embracing its dual identity rooted in “art + fashion,” Chengdu IFS also prioritizes catering to individualized, differentiated, and stylish demands. It harnesses the energy of the youth demographic and strives to become a provider of a vibrant urban lifestyle, offering avenues for exploration and enriching the pursuit of a fulfilling life.

Chengdu IFS strives to build a high-quality content ecosystem and integrate diverse layouts. While leading the transmission of attitudes and values, it also pays attention to individual preferences. This aligns perfectly with the vision of “TREND TO THE FUTURE” proposed for Chengdu IFS’s tenth anniversary. This vision symbolizes the collision of the past and the future, as well as the resonance between the complex and the city itself. As a witness and companion to the city’s growth, Chengdu IFS may not possess the power to stop time, but the memories it has created have quietly taken root in the hearts of the public. Over the span of a decade, Chengdu IFS has brought many unforgettable moments to this city. In the next decade, it will surpass its extraordinary past and co-create the future with the city, going beyond the ordinary.

“Trend to the Future” – Chengdu IFS’s 10th Anniversary Visual Shines on the Streets.

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