New Fantasy Epic “Sorcery & Sin in the Second World” Wins Literary Titan Gold Book Award

New Fantasy Epic "Sorcery & Sin in the Second World" Wins Literary Titan Gold Book Award
“Sorcery & Sin in the Second World” narrates the journey of Rena, who discovers a portal to a magical world, and her husband, who follows her, uncovering deep truths about themselves in a realm where time flows differently. The novel, praised for its unique approach to character perspectives and detailed world-building, is now available, marking R. S. d’Arcy’s emergence as a promising voice in the fantasy genre.

Dive into the mesmerizing pages of R. S. d’Arcy’s “Sorcery & Sin in the Second World,” a spellbinding sword and sorcery fantasy novel that has recently been honored with the prestigious Literary Titan Gold Book Award. This accolade celebrates the book’s exceptional storytelling, rich world-building, and captivating narrative.

“Sorcery & Sin in the Second World” is a tale of magic, adventure, and love, set in a world where time moves differently. The protagonist, Rena, a New Yorker leading a mundane life, stumbles upon a mysterious portal in her backyard, transporting her to a fantastical realm. Here, she encounters warriors, dwarves, giants, and armies of corpses in a land where magic reigns supreme.

Two and a half hours later in our world, Rena’s husband, Pal, embarks on a quest to find her, only to discover that an hour in their world equates to a year in this new land. His journey reveals truths about Rena and himself as he navigates this world of sorcery, sex, love, and adventure.

Literary Titan commends “Sorcery & Sin in the Second World” for its unique take on the portal fantasy genre, highlighting the book’s engaging setting and distinctive approach to character perspectives. The review applauds the skillful use of perspective shifts between Rena and Pal, creating a multi-dimensional dynamic that keeps readers engaged. It notes the thoughtful pacing and comprehensive character development, adding depth and intrigue to the narrative.

“Sorcery & Sin in the Second World” is a journey into a world where every turn brings new surprises and challenges. It’s a story about love’s endurance, the complexities of relationships, and the discovery of inner strength.

Experience the magic and adventure in R. S. d’Arcy’s award-winning “Sorcery & Sin in the Second World” – a book that promises to transport you to a world you’ll never want to leave. Now on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

About the Book

In a mundane New York backyard lies a portal to an unimaginable world where every second counts differently and magic reigns supreme. A young woman, feeling trapped in her routine life, stumbles upon this gateway, only to be whisked away to a realm filled with warriors, dwarves, and dark sorcery. Two and a half hours later, her husband, desperate to find her, crosses the same threshold but discovers that mere hours in their world translate to years in this new, perilous land. Embarking on a quest filled with danger, passion, and mystical forces, he not only seeks his lost love but also uncovers startling truths about her, their relationship, and himself. This tale of adventure, love, and self-discovery weaves a tapestry of magic and intrigue, inviting readers into a world where the lines between fantasy and reality blur and where every choice can lead to sin or sorcery.

About the Author

R. S. d’Arcy, a Long Island native and a graduate of St. Joseph’s College, began his career in the entertainment industry before serving in a governmental agency. His journey as a writer began during the pandemic when he moved to Southern Nevada. Crafting this novel during the night shifts while watching over his newborn daughter, d’Arcy has woven a story that resonates with themes of exploration and self-discovery.

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