Controversal ‘The Naked Truth Tarot’ Deck, Featuring Nude Classical Art, Triumphs on Kickstarter

Controversal 'The Naked Truth Tarot' Deck, Featuring Nude Classical Art, Triumphs on Kickstarter

Wyoming, WY – In an unparalleled show of support, Mustapha’s Kickstarter project, The Naked Truth Tarot, has far exceeded its initial goal of $5,000, raising over $37,000. This isn’t just another tarot deck; it’s a bold statement. By integrating nude classical paintings into each card, Mustapha’s project invites backers to explore the human form in its most authentic, unadulterated beauty.

“From the start, we knew this deck was special,” Mustapha reflects. “It’s about connecting with the raw, unfiltered essence of humanity. These paintings aren’t just art; they’re a conversation about beauty, identity, and the power of seeing and accepting ourselves and each other.”

Born out of Mustapha’s passion for classical art and a desire to bring a fresh, unapologetically honest perspective to tarot, The Naked Truth Tarot is as much an artistic endeavor as it is a spiritual one. Each card challenges the viewer, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of the human body’s diversity and beauty.

As the campaign continues to gain momentum, backers are offered a range of rewards, from exclusive decks featuring these beautifully rendered paintings to unique art pieces and more. Mustapha and his team are already looking towards stretch goals that promise to enhance the deck further, ensuring that The Naked Truth Tarot leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter it.

For more details or to support The Naked Truth Tarot, visit their Kickstarter page or reach out to Mustapha directly at

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