JIVIANNI™ Redefines Men’s Rings with Dazzling Moissanite Collection

London – February 20, 2024 – JIVIANNI™, the trendsetting jewelry brand known for its ethically sourced moissanite creations, proudly announces the launch of its new Moissanite Rings for Men collection. These rings redefine style and elevate men’s accessories with dazzling brilliance and enduring elegance.

Unmatched Brilliance & Unparalleled Value

Crafted with meticulously selected moissanite gemstones, known for their exceptional fire and diamond-like sparkle, JIVIANNI’s rings offer a stunning choice for modern grooms and style-conscious individuals.  Highlights of the collection include the Rocco, a bold statement ring featuring a  2ct emerald-cut moissanite in a classic setting, and the Amadeo, showcasing the timeless elegance of a 1.0ct round moissanite solitaire.   Designs span from classic to bold contemporary bands, showcasing the versatility of moissanite.

“We believe men deserve jewelry that exudes confidence and style,” says Emma Allen, Co-Founder of JIVIANNI™. “Our Moissanite Rings for Men collection challenges the notion that diamonds are the only option for men’s wedding rings or special occasion pieces. Moissanite offers incredible beauty, superior durability, and exceptional value.”

Ethical Brilliance, Sustainable Choice

JIVIANNI™ is committed to ethical sourcing and responsible craftsmanship.  Moissanite, a lab-created gemstone, boasts superior sparkle compared to diamonds and eliminates the environmental concerns associated with mining. Every ring offers the perfect way for discerning men to make an ethical and budget-friendly choice.

The JIVIANNI™ Moissanite Rings for Men collection is now available online at [website address]. Explore a diverse range of styles and discover the perfect ring to reflect individual taste, symbolize commitment, celebrate milestones, or add a touch of brilliance to everyday wear.


Founded on a passion for exquisite craftsmanship and accessible luxury, JIVIANNI™ is dedicated to bringing brilliance and ethical beauty to every jewelry box. Specializing in ethically sourced moissanite creations, JIVIANNI™ designs jewelry that reflects timeless elegance with a modern edge. Whether you seek dazzling engagement rings, everyday stacking pieces, or bold statement jewels, JIVIANNI™ empowers you to shine with confidence and sustainable style.

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