Author’s Tranquility Press Presents: “Taking The Mask Off…: My Journey from Dr. Seuss to The Bible” by Keith L Cooper

Author's Tranquility Press Presents: "Taking The Mask Off...: My Journey from Dr. Seuss to The Bible" by Keith L Cooper

“Author’s Tranquility Press Unveils” the compelling and transformative journey chronicled in “Taking The Mask Off…: My Journey from Dr. Seuss to The Bible” by Keith L Cooper. This poignant memoir, available on Amazon: Order Your Copy Here, invites readers into the author’s personal odyssey, offering a unique perspective on themes such as military service, race, growing up in Alaska, flying, relationships, nature, and self-discovery.

Unmasking the Journey Within: “Taking The Mask Off…”

Keith L Cooper invites readers on an intimate exploration in “Taking The Mask Off…,” a journey that began as daily journal entries during the isolating days of COVID. The subheadline, “Unmasking the Journey Within,” encapsulates the essence of this memoir, chronicling losses, regrets, family, and the profound beauty of nature. The author’s experiences, spanning a lifetime, now emerge in the form of over 65 handwritten short stories.

From Journaling to Therapy: A Transformation Unveiled

Initially conceived as mere journaling, Cooper’s writings evolved into a therapeutic process, offering a unique narrative of his transformation from mind to heart. The stories unveil a personal metamorphosis from compartmentalization to vulnerability, from seeking comfort to embracing purpose, and from a name card to a calling card. The memoir is an invitation to witness the author’s evolution and reflect on one’s own journey.

A Non-Judgmental Exploration of 65 Personal Stories

“Taking The Mask Off…” beckons readers into a non-judgmental journey, sharing over 65 short personal stories. Cooper’s candid storytelling represents a commitment to turn the telescope of life around and learn from every challenge. The tales provide a tapestry of experiences, resonating with anyone on their own uphill climb of self-discovery.

As Cooper moves from thinking with his brain to feeling with his heart, the memoir encapsulates the essence of growth. Instead of asking, “Why me, God?” he now poses the question, “God, what are you trying to teach me?” The author invites readers to join him on this profound journey, as together, they navigate the complexities of life and strive to be better.

About the Author

Keith L Cooper, a West Point Grad, served in the Army Infantry for 26 years. As an African American  raised in Alaska, he brings a unique perspective to his memoir, discussing military experiences, race, growing up in Alaska, flying, relationships, nature, and reflecting on decisions he made, some not so good, all through the lens of vulnerability. Keith is also an Airline Transport Licensed Pilot, a volunteer for Angel Flight, and has recently completed walking the 500-mile Camino Frances.

Readers can embark on this transformative journey by securing their copy of “Taking The Mask Off…” on Amazon: Order Your Copy Here. Join Keith L Cooper in this exploration of vulnerability, love, and the pursuit of self-discovery, and let the stories within guide us all to be better together.

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