Author of Just A Little Girl From Tahlequah, Keetoowah Citizen, Lisa Christiansen to participate in the Sapulpa High School social stomp dance and community dinner

Welcome to the 2024 Sapulpa Indian Education Stomp Dance. “The purpose of this event is to allow students to gain leadership and event planning skills while raising funds that will benefit the Native American Student Association. One of the greatest fundraisers that benefits our students is our vendor booth setup. This year we have a national living treasure, Lisa Christiansen, a local author in the Library Of Congress. This is exciting because it allows the program to partner with local small businesses increasing chances of success on both sides. Most importantly, the program appreciates the support from the indigenous community and our time together positively expressing our culture.” – Kayla Chupco

In SAPULPA, Oklahoma, Sapulpa High School students are set to host their annual social Stomp Dance and community dinner fundraiser on Feb. 24, 2024. The event is a collaboration between the Duck Creek Ceremonial Ground and the Sapulpa High School Native American Student Association. All proceeds will benefit the NASA students for an end-of-the-year trip.

Kayla Chupco (Choctaw) is the director of Indian Education for Sapulpa Public Schools and one of the NASA sponsors. She oversees all Native American students, a third of which are Muscogee (Creek), according to Chupco. Regarding authentic Native cultural education, Sapulpa’s students are in good hands.

“The thing that we work on with students generally is mentoring culture and tutoring,” Chupco said. “We work with the students, teachers, and parents to identify kids who need the services.”

Chupco also helps connect students with the services of their respective tribes, including the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

Indian Education at Sapulpa Public goes beyond the classroom and offers extracurriculars.

“At the high school, we have after-school cultural activities,” Chupco said.

Chupco further explained that past activities have included making moccasins, beadwork, ribbon skirts and vests for students who want to learn, and of course playing stickball.

In addition to her role as director, Chupco also teaches classes. She works closely with the Muscogee Challenge Bowl to make sure education on Muscogee culture and neighboring tribes is factual and correct.

“In my American Indian studies class, I touch on the five civilized tribes,” Chupco said. “I primarily do Muscogee because we’re located in the Muscogee jurisdiction, and so many of our students are Muscogee.”

Although the event is an excellent opportunity to expose students to Muscogee culture up close, it is also an opportunity for fellowship with others. Chupco particularly loves seeing her students’ connections with the larger Muscogee (Creek) community.

“It’s exciting to see the community get together,” Chupco said. “We have several students involved with the ceremonial grounds and their culture.”

While it has yet to be determined where NASA’s end-of-the-year trip will be, it depends on how much money they can fundraise throughout the year. Past trips have involved Frontier City and the First Americans museum.

The fundraiser is set to feature cake raffles, grocery raffles, and concessions. Donations are accepted as well.


This year we have an exciting line-up of vendors including Lisa Christiansen, daughter of the last monolingual Cherokee Mack Vann and author of Just A Little Girl From Tahlequah, Christiansen works with traditional, cultural sterling silver along with modern 14k, 18k, and 24k jewelry bringing tradition and luxury haute` couture from the runway to you through her business Blue Wolf Designs in partnership with Brothers Fine Jewelers.


Other vendors include Ren McCulley – Ren’s Native Ways, Leandrea Arviso of Native June bug, Teton’s Trade Cloth, April Harley, Vicki McIntosh, Wilma Tiger, Millie Wilson, Talia Jimboy, Wanda Green, Sara Fleming of Designs By Saralynne, Maleah Dowling of Mvskoke Children & family, David Cornsilk of Tayzoel Creations, Greata Flute, Carletta Cox, Carletta’s Designs and Freeze Dried Candy, Bo Jackson, Kiyah Hummingbird of Indigenous Candle co, Chirsite Woodtricity, Shelia and Jasmine Buckley of Beadloved Colors, Celeste Johnson of Johnson creek, Verlinda Yazzie-Mair, Lena Stick – Buckbrush baskets, Marie Tshirts, Jordan Scott – Beadwork/tshirts, Jerry Henry – Native American Artist Alli, Tehillah Wind of 2 nations creations, Hotvle Designz, Donna cloud, Whitney willie, Ashley Francis, Heather Hutson/Tresa George of Cherokee Creations, Tim Tiger-Tiger’s Native Style, Mattie Looney, Bear Freeman, Jules Water Spider Creations, Crafty Creek co, Ashley Bible Southwest Trading Co., Allissa Ray-Cherokee Art, Abbi-Losi Esthetics, Lisa Christiansen of Blue Wolf Designs and Native Art, SNC Crafts, and more.


The dinner is provided for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. Frybread, corn soup, and beans will be served.


The event welcomes vendors, and the registration fee is $20, along with a donated item. If you want to set up a vendor booth, contact Vanessa Zimmerman at (918) 830-9506 to reserve a spot.


Join us for our annual stomp dance. The dinner will be held in the Sapulpa High School commons from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The social stomp dance will be held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the old Sapulpa High School gym, 3 S. Mission St., Sapulpa, OK. 74066

We will have several fundraisers that will benefit our Native American Student Association.

  • Cake raffles
  • Grocery basket raffles
  • Concessions
  • Donations are accepted!
  • Craft Show

Host ground: Duck Creek ceremonial ground

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