CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media Nicki Krawczyk Talks Live Launching vs. Evergreen Funnels on The Simpler Business Podcast

In a recent episode of the Simpler Business Podcast, CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media, Nicki Krawczyk, shared her expert insights on the pros and cons of live launching and evergreen funnels for online business owners. Nicki is the creator of multiple successful online training programs, including the Circuit Sales System, an innovative selling solution for online course creators.

In the episode, Nicki articulated the benefits and shortcomings of both live launching and evergreen funnels. She shared that while live launching often leads to higher sales, it can be incredibly risky to depend on earning an entire quarter’s income in just one week. While evergreen funnels offer a more relaxed approach, they often don’t convert well. Nicki explained, “Evergreen funnels don’t convert because human beings require a deadline. If people can buy from you whenever there’s no incentive for them to purchase right now. They put it off until they’re just not interested anymore. And they forget about us.”

After highlighting course creators’ frustrations with both live launching and evergreen sales funnels, Nicki explained why the Circuit Sales System has become a popular alternative sales model. Inspired by her own struggles as the creator of an online copywriting course, she formulated a new way to sell. Nicki designed the Circuit Sales System to combine the excitement and revenue-generating potential of live launching with the convenience of evergreen funnels.

Nicki shared: “The Circuit Sales System has the fundamental sales elements people are familiar with. We have videos, emails, and landing pages. But the way we put forth information is very, very different. It’s about creating breakthroughs that actually inspire people, persuade them of our expertise, and get them excited to purchase within a short time of knowing us.” 

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About Nicki Krawczyk

As the visionary CEO and Founder of Nicki K Media, Nicki Krawczyk loves to challenge the conventional norms of live launching and traditional evergreen strategies. Her proven methodologies provide course creators with a predictable path to success, freeing them from the stress and limitations of outdated approaches. In addition to her revolutionary Circuit Sales System course, she also offers additional programs through her Filthy Rich Writer and Fired up Freelance brands for would-be copywriters and freelancers alike.

Nicki’s magnetic personality and contagious passion light up every interaction. A sought-after speaker and guest on various podcasts, including The Traffic & Conversions Show, Luscious Hustle, and Life Skills That Matter, she loves to share her wealth of knowledge and insights, inspiring and motivating course creators to elevate their businesses to new heights. In addition to guesting, Nicki is also the host of two podcasts herself, Build Your Copywriting Business and Energize Your Online Business.

Beyond her expertise in course creation, Nicki finds joy in exploring the world through travel, seeking new adventures, and nurturing her own personal growth mindset. Her unwavering commitment to continuous improvement mirrors her dedication to helping others succeed.

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