Waton Securities International: Continuing to Promote Inclusion and Equality for People with Disabilities

In February 2024, Waton Securities International (hereinafter referred to as Waton Securities or Waton) announced that its strategic partnership with the Canyou Group has entered a new stage : Canyou Cloud Customer Service has officially taken over the customer service work of Waton Group.

Waton Securities Online Cloud Customer Service · Canyou Cooperation Center was established in April 2023. Since its establishment, it has been committed to creating more employment opportunities and pathways for personal growth for the disabled community by providing remote online customer service positions and regular specialized training and professional guidance for disabled customer service representatives.

According to the head of Waton customer service, during the initial phase of the project, new members from the Canyou Group were understandably a bit hesitant and nervous due to a lack of systematic training and guidance. To help them integrate into the team quickly and familiarize themselves with the business, the Waton customer service team arranged for dedicated colleagues to provide daily basic knowledge explanations, targeted coaching, learning resources and career development opportunities for them. In the process, Waton conducts disability-friendly awareness training for its employees, creating a friendly, inclusive, and equal work atmosphere for the Canyou Cloud Customer Service. “In such a working environment, we feel the friendliness and respect of the team. As customer service representatives, whenever we solve a customer’s question properly and especially when we receive thanks from the customers, it gives us a sense of accomplishment.”

The support for the public welfare cause of the disabled community not only involves providing employment opportunities but also requires comprehensive vocational skills training and improvement to help them gain the ability to create their own value. Waton believes that in the long-term environment of social inequality in terms of resources and social awareness, the mental health development of the disabled community should not be overlooked.

Henceforth, Waton will begin by looking inward and encouraging other companies to prioritize the development of disability-friendly products and services. Simultaneously, Waton will enhance its internal culture and environment, foster the growth of its employees’ overall capabilities, instill positive values, foster accurate understanding between society and the disabled community, and establish a more inclusive and equitable living environment for individuals with disabilities. In doing so, they will be able to make even greater contributions and accomplishments to society through their own endeavors.

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