Navigating the Future: 1606 Corp’s (CBDW) Strategic Milestones and Vision for conversational AI Merchandising & E-Commerce

“March will see 1606 Corp. focusing on growth through strategic partnerships, innovation in product development, and the continued advancement of our technology. By staying agile and leveraging our unique technological capabilities, we aim to maintain a competitive edge in the AI chatbot development industry.”

In the bustling tech hub of Seattle, WA, 1606 Corp. (OTC Pink: CBDW), a potential trailblazer in Conversational AI for e-commerce, has been making waves with its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. 1606 Corp. (OTC Pink: CBDW) distinguishes itself through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. The recent collaboration with Flex Payment Solutions exemplifies CBDW’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences and expanding market reach. CBDW and Flex aim to create an end-to-end experience where customers can have all of their predicted questions answered in real time, receive tailored product recommendations based on their queries, and walk seniors through the checkout process. This partnership could propel CBDW into a uniquely competitive position in comparison to larger AI companies like NICE, NVDA, and PLTR, when you charge their technology to the end to end capabilities if 1606 Chatbots. The company’s technology development strategy underscores the competitive edge there scheme so quickly sets a growth trajectory that’s astounding. 

As we close February 2024 and look towards March, the company is excited to share its recent accomplishments and forward-looking plans with investors and the broader market.

The Evolving Market Landscape

The digital transformation has propelled chatbots to the forefront of consumer interactions, with nearly 90% of individuals having engaged with them. These AI-driven assistants are revolutionizing communication for 1.5 billion users globally. The adoption rates by micro-businesses and customer service companies highlight a clear preference for instant, AI-powered assistance. This trend, supported by data from, indicates a significant shift in consumer behavior and business operations, positioning CBDW favorably as it advances.

February’s Highlights

Strategic Partnerships

A notable achievement was the strategic partnership with Flex Payment Solutions. This collaboration aims to streamline transactions and improve customer experiences, marking a pivotal moment in CBDW’s growth trajectory.

Marketing Initiatives

CBDW launched an impactful marketing campaign in collaboration with Cannasite, reaching over 300 clients. This, coupled with a successful campaign with Cool Blue Distribution, underscores CBDW’s marketing prowess and its potential to drive significant market engagement.

Pilot Program and Product Innovation

The success of the December pilot program, transitioning to a standard pricing model, reflects a promising commercial start. CBDW’s focus on AI-driven chatbots, targeting the C-B-D market with a proprietary product recommendation engine, sets a new benchmark in chatbot technology.

Investor Engagement

The strategic moves and technological advancements have significantly piqued investor interest. CBDW’s innovative approach to e-commerce and its success in the C-B-D industry position it as a compelling investment opportunity in the AI-driven market landscape.

March Outlook: A Vision for Growth and Innovation

Expansion through ISO Partners

CBDW plans to expand its partnerships with ISOs, aiming to enhance market penetration and customer acquisition. Collaborating with ISOs will leverage their networks to reach new clients, driving revenue growth.

New Product Development

The company is set to focus on developing innovative solutions to meet evolving market demands. Efforts in research and development will introduce cutting-edge features and functionalities to enhance product offerings.

Advancing Existing Technology

CBDW remains dedicated to refining and optimizing its proprietary product recommendation engine, utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of product recommendations.

Maintaining Competitive Edge

CBDW is committed to staying ahead of larger competitors by maintaining agility and flexibility in its development processes. Rapid iteration and deployment of updates will ensure that CBDW’s technology remains at the industry’s forefront.

Differentiation Through Unique Technology

The exclusivity of CBDW’s product recommendation engine serves as a key market differentiator. Leveraging its advanced capabilities to provide personalized experiences sets CBDW apart from its competitors.

Looking Forward

March promises to be a month of strategic expansion and technological innovation for 1606 Corp. By focusing on growth through strategic partnerships, product development, and the advancement of technology, CBDW aims to maintain its competitive edge in the AI chatbot development industry.

1606 Corp. stands at the intersection of AI innovation and e-commerce, ready to navigate the future with its unique solutions and strategic vision. As the company progresses, its dedication to revolutionizing customer service and enhancing the digital shopping experience continues to drive its success and market leadership in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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