Freeman Investment Management Consulting Launches With the Goal to Empower Asset Management Firms to Optimize Distribution

Fintech leader guides investment groups toward revenue growth based on measurable outcomes.

Freeman Investment Management Consulting announces its launch, offering unparalleled expertise and methodologies designed to elevate distribution efforts for asset management firms. Leveraging years of executive-level experience in asset management distribution, Freeman Investment Management Consulting assists clients in optimizing distribution efforts through strategic technology utilization and data-driven insights. The consultancy’s comprehensive approach not only enhances client retention efforts but also facilitates the acquisition of new assets, driving sustained growth and success.

“Are you reaching your firm’s full potential?” questioned Brian Freeman, CEO of Freeman Investment Management Consulting. “Through years of experience, we’ve observed firsthand the disconnect, frustration, and misalignment between technology utilization and the needs of real-world sales application. At Freeman Consulting, we intimately understand these dynamics. That’s why we specialize in bridging these gaps, leveraging our expertise to deliver tailored solutions and drive optimal results for our clients.”

Freeman highlighted the prevalence of friction in processes where streamlined efficiency should prevail. He emphasized, “We specialize in identifying areas where your processes may not be optimal. Having experienced both direct sales and sales management roles, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that efficient data and technology utilization can have on driving asset growth.”

“Asset management firms stand to gain significant advantages by accessing innovative business intelligence tools and data analytics without the burden of developing these capabilities internally,” Freeman remarked. “At Freeman Consulting, we’re not selling software. We’re dedicated consultants committed to assessing your landscape and crafting a roadmap for success. Our approach involves working with your existing technologies and, where necessary, supplementing them with solutions from our trusted partners for optimal results.”

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