Procolored Introduces Groundbreaking White Ink Circulation Technology in DTF Pro Printer

Procolored Introduces Groundbreaking White Ink Circulation Technology in DTF Pro Printer

In a significant leap forward for direct-to-film (DTF) printing technology, Procolored has unveiled its latest innovation – the DTF Pro Printer, now upgraded with the revolutionary Procolored Siphon Circulation® system for white ink.  This new system marks a significant departure from traditional squeezing (peristaltic) circulation systems, offering unprecedented reliability and efficiency in DTF printing.

Introducing the Siphon White Ink Circulation System

At the heart of the DTF Pro Printer’s advancement is the Procolored Siphon Circulation®, a pioneering technology designed to optimize the flow of white ink—an essential component in DTF printing. Unlike traditional squeezing (peristaltic) circulation systems that often lead to ink sedimentation and clogging, the siphon system ensures a smooth, continuous flow of ink. This innovative approach minimizes maintenance requirements and significantly reduces the risk of printing interruptions.


Benefits of the Siphon White Ink Circulation System:

– Enhanced Print Quality: By maintaining a consistent ink flow, the Siphon White Ink Circulation System ensures that every print achieves high-resolution, vibrant colors without the risk of white ink sedimentation affecting the outcome.

– Increased Reliability: The system’s design avoids the mechanical stress on ink tubes common in peristaltic systems, leading to fewer breakdowns and a longer lifespan for the printer.

– Reduced Maintenance: With no need for regular squeezing of the ink pipeline, the siphon system offers a more straightforward maintenance process, allowing users to focus more on printing and less on upkeep.

– Improved Efficiency: The siphon effect ensures that the white ink is always ready for use, significantly speeding up the printing process and enhancing overall productivity.

Special Offer: Limited-Time Sale Event

To celebrate this innovation, Procolored is offering a special promotion on the DTF Pro Printer. From March 3rd to March 31st, customers can enjoy up to $600 off on select bundles, making it an ideal time to upgrade to the latest in DTF printing technology. This offer also includes a complimentary support stand with each purchase, further enhancing the value of this already compelling package.

About Procolored

Procolored is a leading innovator in the printing industry, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of both professional and amateur printers. With over a decade of experience, Procolored continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in printing technology, ensuring that its customers always have access to the best tools for their creative and business endeavors.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

The DTF Pro Printer, enhanced with the Siphon White Ink Circulation System, marks a significant advancement in printing technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and quality. This printer is not just a tool but a transformative investment for any printing operation, providing the means to achieve superior print results with less maintenance and higher productivity.

For more details on the DTF Pro Printer and to take advantage of the limited-time sale event, visit Procolored’s official product page: 13″ Dual Heads DTF Pro A3 DTF Printer – Direct to Film Printer Upgrade and march event page. Dive into the future of DTF printing with Procolored and elevate your printing capabilities to new heights.

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