Holi in Dubai 2024: 15 Best Events and Parties in Dubai

Dubai’s lively and diverse vibe is gaining fame as a top spot for global festivals. One such standout is the Festival of Colors, Holi, which captures the affection of both locals and tourists. This Hindu festival is known as one of the most vibrant ones out there! Being the hub for festivities, there are numerous best places for Holi celebrations in Dubai. Today, we will be exploring the top 15 of all those places. So, keep reading!

15 Best Places for Holi Celebration in Dubai

As Holi comes closer, let’s uncover the 15 prime spots in Dubai to revel in this festive delight and get a glimpse of the exciting events in store.

Safa Park:

Celebrate Holi at Safa Park, surrounded by the innate abundance of nature. It is the venue for many cultural associations within the community that hold special events with local music, dance, and, of course, colorful attire.

Alserkal Avenue:

Famous for its modern art community, Alserkal Avenue comes alive in all shades of color for Holi. Art installations, performing artists, and a wide variety of individuals line up at the party, making this a different kind of Holi celebration.

The Irish Village:

Let The Irish Village be the venue for you to play Holi with as much excitement as you can. This legendary British pub has the most colorful Holi party with all the merrymakers from Ireland as well as the Indians. Get ready for awesome music, delicious food, and a lively atmosphere.

Jumeirah Beach:

Want to celebrate Holi by the beach? Jump on Jumeirah Beach and hit one of the beach parties on Holi. Let go and celebrate the festivities with your toes in the sand and the famed Dubai skyline as your backdrop.

Zabeel Park:

Zabeel Park’s Holi festival, which is family-friendly, comprises a spectrum of activities suitable for all age groups. Experience all the vibrant aspects of Dubai’s culture, such as the traditional dance, mouth-watering cuisine, and awesome visuals.

Atlantis, The Palm:

If you seek a grand and luxurious Holi experience, let yourself indulge in a special celebration by Atlantis, The Palm. This place has elaborate, outstanding events and a delectable variety of Holi goodies.

Creek Park:

Creek Park also draws a massive crowd to celebrate Holi. In this arena, you will witness a space for many people, and you can expect a lively atmosphere, cultural shows, and vast colors.

Rang Barse Holi Festival:

This unique event is now a signature niche in Dubai’s Holi annual festival. Renowned for its grandness, Rang Barse is what you need to see at the very least, which will include the most amazing soloists, DJs, and the final touch of color all over.

The Huddle Sports Bar & Grill:

Let the sports and Holi festivities merge at the Huddle Sports Bar & Grill for sports lovers. With thematic events and lively crowds, it is a different version of a carnival.

Bollywood Parks Dubai:

Make Bollywood Parks Dubai your destination and dive into the Bollywood forest. The park arranges a special Holi event with celebrities, live performances, and, of course, no lack of color.

Mumbai Social, DIFC:

Taste the spices of Mumbai while celebrating Holi at Mumbai Social in DIFC – Dubai International Financial Center. In a colorful and relaxed setting, you will be entertained with live music and take your tastebuds on a journey of indulgent Indian cuisine. This is an appropriate option for a Holi get-together.

Barasti Beach:

Barasti Beach, which is known for its energetic atmosphere, will host a maximum party featuring DJs, live music, and an eclectic crowd. Forget the everyday hustle and bustle as you find yourself at the most incredible beach with a celebration to remember.

Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre:

This exclusive place conducts Holi celebrations with great food, live music, and an elite atmosphere. It provides a perfect option for people who wish to celebrate Holi in a more sophisticated atmosphere.

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club:

Experience the unforgettable Holi festivity at this place. Enjoy a beautiful atmosphere combined with dance, and cultural performances. The vibe makes it one of the most popular places to celebrate the holiday season.

Global Village:

As a cultural mixer, the Global Village honors the greatness of the Holi festival. Be part of a vibrant international festival where different cultures come and rejoice together.

Upcoming Events in Dubai for Holi

As Holi approaches, keep an eye out for the following upcoming events in Dubai. These are some of the top and most family-friendly events that will definitely blow your mind.

Holi Sundowner 2024

If you have made up your mind to attend the coolest party of the year this Holi, then you can rely on the sundowners! Please ensure that you have some space for the event on your calendar so you don’t have to miss the unforgettable rainbow show on the most extraordinary night of your life. This event guarantees an enjoyable evening with a mix of music, colors, food and drinks, and entertainment. Sundowner’s Holi celebration in Dubai is very special, so don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance!

Date: March 3rd’ 24

Location: JA Shooting Club, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE. 

AKS Color Carnival ‘24

If you are in Dubai and looking for a family-friendly Holi event, the AKS Color Carnival will definitely be the one for you! Being one of the biggest family Holi events, this celebration involves entertainment for all ages, from kid’s fun to live DJs and traditional dhol performances by the most talented artists. Moreover, you can also find delicious food trucks and unforgettable memories waiting to be made.

Date: March 2nd’ 24

Location: The Sevens Stadium, Al Ain Road, E66, Dubai, UAE. 

Holi Masti 2024

Change the color of the desert sand and make it look vibrant and like a rainbow on land during Holi Masti 2024. Have fun while keeping safety as an assurance with organic colors! Moreover, enjoy mouth-watering delicacies and artists like Manj Music and Kanika Kapoor, who will make you dance your heels off! So, if you are looking for some crazy festive vibes, this is the top upcoming event in Dubai in 2024

Date: March 3rd’ 24

Location: Terra Solis, Dubai Heritage Vision, Exit-29 Jebel Ali, Lehbab Road, Dubai, UAE. 

Wrapping Up

Dubai’s diverse setting is ideal for celebrating festivals such as Holi. Whether you like beach parties, cultural events, or upscale gatherings, Dubai caters to all preferences. Get ready for a memorable Holi celebration in the heart of the Middle East as the Festival of Colors approaches. 

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