Genify Launches “Ghost”, The Revolutionary Ghost – The First BTC NFT Collection Transferable to ERC20 Tokens

In a groundbreaking move that merges the worlds of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Genify proudly introduces “Ghost,” the first-ever collection of Bitcoin non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be seamlessly transferred into ERC20 tokens. This innovative project, backed by Multicoin Capital, signifies a landmark moment in the digital art space, particularly within the realm of generative art.

In the world of digital art, Bitcoin non-fungible tokens (NFTS) are becoming the new focus. In this field, generative art shows its unlimited potential as a champion of the track.

Comprising 900 unique BTC NFTs, “Ghost” emerges as a pioneering collection from Genify, a leading platform for generative art on Bitcoin. Through Eyesfi (the generative arts crosschain protocol developed by Genify), Ghost is first collection which is transferable from a BTC NFT into ERC20 Tokens. Each Ghost NFT could be minted into 10,000 GHOST tokens on Abitrum, from the least efficient chain to the most efficient chain after the Dencun upgrade.

Ghost is designed by famous Brazilian artist Omar Lobato. This work explores a monochromatic world of interconnected corridors, halls, structures and possible landscapes, creating an atmosphere of uncertainty and transition. Using noise algorithms and shades to create textures, shaping landscapes that blurs the line between existence and the unknown.

The monochromatic palette emphasizes the ambiguous nature of the depicted liminal space, giving structure to the corridors, suggesting a journey through the gray areas of life and death; And textures add a surreal touch, distortions and nostalgia.

The play of light and shadow, introduces a subtle distortion that challenges perception. The algo, with weaving patterns, symbolizes the complexity of our experience, inviting observers to navigate through the interplay, contemplating the enigmatic threshold between what is known and what remains undiscovered.

Omar was a programmer in early web development and cybersecurity, and he engaged into music, generative art, and adapting to life in a bigger city. Starting with web projects as a youth, he diverged from a path in law, inspired by his father, to pursue technology and art. He touches on making commercial websites, his music projects, and a stint in cryptocurrency, highlighting the shift from small-town familiarity to the anonymity of city life in Belo Horizonte. Omar Lobato also explores how conditions like sleep deprivation enhance his creativity, leading to discussions on latent inhibition and the creative process. His work “GHOST” illustrates his minimalist approach to generative art, balancing order with disorder.

Genify is a professional platform for issuing and trading generative arts on Bitcoin (BTC). Dedicated to connecting the world’s top artists and curators, Genify allows artists to integrate algorithms of randomness into their artwork, creating generative art pieces with unparalleled visual effects, with each piece being unique.

Every piece of arts by Genify is carefully curated by a curatorial committee. Genify is dedicated to creating NFT works for the BTC ecosystem with top-tier visual effects and artistic experiences.

For further information about “Ghost” and Genify’s contributions to the BTC ecosystem, please visit the official website.

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