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A newborn baby’s brain contains approximately 2,500 synapses for each neuron. By age 2, this number surges to about 15,000, twice the amount found in an average adult’s brain. This is a time when your child is absorbing knowledge from their surroundings at an astonishing rate. They are forming memories, retaining information, recognising patterns and acknowledging their autonomy. Suffice it to say, this is a crucial stage in your child’s development, so it is important to make every moment count. A Pre-Nursery programme in the best international kindergarten in Shanghai can therefore provide the ideal platform for your child to begin their lifelong learning journey.

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Pre-Nursery is not just a euphemism for daycare. It is an introduction to formal education with an emphasis on learning through play. Children in Pre-Nursery begin to build strong foundations in literacy and numeracy at a time when their brains are keenly receptive to new concepts. They develop strength in oracy as well. And in a bilingual setting like what we offer at Wellington Shanghai Early Years Centre, your child will enjoy the added benefit of learning Chinese in Shanghai in addition to English as the main language of disciplines.

 By the time they transition to year 1 at the age of 5, they will be well-versed in the daily routines and expectations of school and better equipped to take on greater academic challenges. And this has deeply positive downstream effects. An increasing number of studies indicate that children who participate in an Early Years education tend to achieve higher academic results throughout their schooling, even on into university!

But the advantages of Pre-Nursery extend well beyond purely academic achievements. This is a time when your child hits several significant developmental milestones. Pre-Nursery is often the first setting where children can experience social dynamics beyond their family environment. It allows them to engage with peers and practice essential social norms such as sharing, cooperating, listening and taking turns in conversation. These interactions help them develop a rudimentary understanding of empathy and teach them to identify, express and manage their emotions. These skills are particularly crucial for children who do not have siblings of a similar age at home as it prepares them better for the novel social dynamics they will face in Prep or Primary School.

In addition to social development, a Pre-Nursery education can have a profound impact on your child’s physical development. By age 2, a child typically can walk or run short distances, jump and climb over furniture. In the newly renovated outdoor learning areas at Wellington Shanghai Early Year Center, your child can further develop these gross motor skills with a variety of age-appropriate equipment at this British school in Shanghai. In the process, they build strength, dexterity and the confidence to take calculated risks. Moreover, fun activities like painting, stacking blocks, playing with sand or sculpting clay present opportunities for your child to develop fine motor skills. These are what enable them to perform detailed tasks such as buttoning shirts, using zippers, holding pencils or eating utensils.

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Of course, your child’s development does not hit the pause button at the end of the school day. Therefore, your active involvement is key to your child’s success. The Pre-Nursery programme at this International Kindergarten in Shangha, therefore, includes Parents as Partners workshops in which educators regularly meet parents to discuss their child’s progress and offer suggestions on how to support their child’s academic, physical, emotional and social development outside the nursery. These workshops often prove invaluable to young families and first-time parents who are navigating their parenting journey. They can be pivotal in providing relief, strategies and shared experiences that validate your efforts.

The impact of Pre-Nursery and a high-quality Early Years education cannot be overstated. Providing your child with a head start on this lifelong learning journey will yield enormous long-term benefits as they flourish and reach their full potential. Choosing a quality international kindergarten in Shanghai like Wellington Shanghai Early Years Centre is an investment in your child’s future that promises immense returns.

Wellington College International Shanghai

Selecting the right school for your child is a critical decision for your family. You want assurance that your child will receive education in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment where they are excited to learn and grow each day. The Admissions Team at Wellington Shanghai Early Year Center is ready to help you understand everything you need to know about the school’s Early Years Centre, so you can make this important decision with confidence. You are welcome to book a visit, either in person or virtually, during one of open mornings or tailored tours to explore the curriculum and campus life full of variety at one of the best international kindergarten in Shanghai.

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