Strolling amid Chengdu’s Hustle and Bustle and Enjoying Convenient International Payment at the Chunxi Road

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The Chunxi Road is located in Jinjiang District of Chengdu, in western China. Since the Tang Dynasty, the Chunxi Road has been well-known in the Bashu region for gathering a diverse range of industries in a flourishing market. The area is home to over 20 historical sites, such as Daci Temple, also known as the “First Buddhist Temple Complex in Cathay”, and Tang and Song Street Heritage Site on Chengdu Jiangnanguan Street. It is also the birthplace of Jiaozi, the world’s earliest paper money. The Chunxi Road is in China’s first batch of national demonstration smart business districts, national tourism and leisure blocks, and national night culture and tourism consumption clusters. With the most concentrated high-end stores and well-known brands in Chengdu, it is the city’s most fashionable, prosperous, and culturally rich commercial and business area.

Since 2023, with the hosting of national-level events, such as the Chengdu FISU World University Games, Hangzhou Asian Games, and China International Import Expo, as well as optimized entry and exit policies, China has received an increasing number of foreign visitors. In this new year, to establish itself into an international first-class business district and invite people from all over the world to celebrate Chinese New Year here, the Chunxi Road launched the “convenient scenarios of international payment”. This pioneering effort addresses core issues, such as where foreigners can use credit cards and how to obtain tax refunds. It also provides a considerate service guide, allowing foreigners to shop at the Chunxi Road without worry.

“At the Chunxi Road,more than 1,500 POS terminals in key sites, such as stores,supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, now support payments with foreign cards. This service has already covered major commercial complexes, tax refund shops, and star-rated hotels here,” said the person in charge of the Chunxi Road, “in 40 commercial bank outlets and six hotels, foreign currencies can be converted into RMB, easing withdrawal and usage of RMB and facilitating the building of a cash-friendly commercial district”.

Meanwhile, to better serve foreign visitors, under the guidance of the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Ant Group has cooperated with NetsUnion Clearing Corporation and Bank of China to have introduced two convenient mobile payment solutions, namely “downloading Alipay App to bind overseas bank cards” and “directly using overseas digital wallets”.

The person in charge of the Chunxi Road mentioned that multiple international payment facilitation measures have been successively introduced. Notably, international payment signs and manuals are designed and released for the Chunxi Road, and a navigation-enabled electronic map for international payment is launched to make international payment easier. Besides, a bilingual service is co-developed with the “12345” government service hotline platform. The Chunxi Road is also broadly promoted in Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions in cooperation with Ant Group. In addition, to add to foreign visitors’ sense of belonging, the Chunxi Road provides bilingual services through volunteers at the service center.

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