California Adoption Agency Celebrates Four Decades of Support For Expectant Mothers and Prospective Families

Adopt International is a company dedicated to helping expectant mothers and prospective families with support and services throughout pregnancy and the process of adoption. Exploring all the options and services before finalizing any decision around adoption is vital to facilitate a harmonious and successful adoption.

Adopt International is celebrating four decades of providing support services to expectant mothers and parents. This California Adoption Agency strongly advocates for open adoptions, supporting expectant mothers through the process of deciding whether adoption is the right choice for them, as well as being involved in choosing the prospective adoptive family for their child.

Prospective families working with Adopt International undergo a thorough home study assessment, comprehensive background checks, counseling, meetings with a social worker, and much more before they are accepted into the adoption process. 

The best matches come when expectant mothers and prospective adoptive families have something in common. Adopt International works hard to find common shared values, dreams, or interests for the future child. Expectant mothers can utilize the resources of the agency to consider and prioritize the things that are important to them when looking through potential adoptive families.

Adopt International is a small-scale agency with a personalized service, allowing the team to familiarize themselves with each prospective family so any questions can be answered. Expectant mothers are introduced to the prospective family of their choice or given the option to contact them directly. Pregnant women who are thinking of placing their baby for adoption deserve to have a respectful and positive experience, and Adopt International can help every step of the way. Expectant mothers are supported in choosing the adoptive family for their child and are given the opportunity to interview them and meet in person. The counseling team is on hand to provide support through this process.

The adoption counselors at Adopt International can also help expectant parents decide if adoption is the right choice in their specific circumstances, helping to sort through their emotions and assist in learning about open adoption. The counselor can help choose an adoptive family, provide advice on legal rights, and create connections to additional support resources. Adopt International endeavors to support the expectant mother before and after the birth and adoption process, giving her full control over the adoption plan. When necessary, the agency team will also assist in obtaining adoption expenses.

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Expectant mothers will understandably have mixed feelings about the benefits of placing their child for adoption. Some of the positive results that women who place their child for adoption have experienced include finishing school, going on to a higher level of education, and obtaining better employment and financial stability. The open adoption process allows the birth mother to stay in contact with the adoptive family, providing reassurance about their child’s well-being.

A spokesperson for the agency explained, “We understand the right of every child in the United States and around the world to become part of a loving, permanent family who will meet their individual needs. We encourage expectant women to call us on our toll-free number at any time. All contact is confidential. No fees are ever charged to you. Our professional staff are committed to providing comprehensive professional services with a focus on identifying and responding to the needs of culturally diverse communities while mirroring the changing adoption environment and providing continuous quality improvement, compassion, and generosity.”

About the Agency: 

Adopt International was initially licensed by the State of California in 1983. Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS) was founded in 1984 as a parent-led, non-profit, international adoption agency welcoming children from over 50 countries to families in the United States. In December 2019, the two agencies completed a legal merger to bring their services under a single umbrella. Adopt International is a non-profit adoption agency licensed throughout California and Hawaii.

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