Deb Drummond Kicks Off 8-Week Global Book Launch

Mission Accepted: 262 Women Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives & Media Rock Legacy & Tell All releases on May 11th as the Boldest Collection of Life Wisdom Ever Compiled.

Vancouver, Canada – March 19, 2024 – For the last 2 years, Deb Drummond has been rallying women across the globe to create a book of epic size and impact. Drummond has collaborated to feature 262 women in a single publication, billed as The Boldest Collection of Life Wisdom Ever Compiled. On March 8th, as part of an International Women’s Day celebration, Drummond announced the 8-week global pre-launch of “Mission Accepted: 262 Women Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives & Media Rock Legacy & Tell All”. The book officially be available on May 11th to celebrate the U.S. Holiday, Mother’s Day. During the 8 weeks between International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, Drummond will be hosting weekly live and virtual celebrations, bringing women together to create a worldwide impact.

Pre-orders of “Mission Accepted: 262 Women Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives & Media Rock Legacy & Tell All” were announced during The “Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up YES YOU Global Connection” event on March 8th, a monthly event that has featured contributions from more than 200 participants and speakers serving as an ongoing source of inspiration for women globally.

“This book is all about creating space for women to encourage and be encouraged to move one step forward in abilities, accessibility, freedom, choices, education, respect, fairness, justice, love, peace, honor, and joy,” says Drummond. “This incredible coffee table book is a place where we get to give thanks to mavens for the innovation of the industrious movement of women in all its glory. We also welcome the up-and-coming to this platform and the opportunities that are open to us all.” Drummond has been rallying to unite women from multiple countries to come together in sisterhood on the 8th day of each month to participate in a virtual day-long event. Drummond’s vision for celebrating International Women’s Day throughout the last year has been cultivated into a full year of monthly summits with keynote speakers, workshops, networking, and an online community that includes women representing eight different countries. The event has grown into more than 200 ambassadors encouraging women to unite in sisterhood every month.

Headliners of the Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up YES YOU Global Connection have included celebrities, local icons, influencers, and top speakers, all spearheaded by Drummond. The March 8th lineup included Jane Anyango Odongo, Deb Drummond, Heather Taylor, Nada Lyon, Stefani Seek, Wendy Bergen, Brenda Follert, Catherine Holt, Natalie McQueen, Erin Birch, Pearl Chiarenza, Dr. Lisa Tan, Natasha Samson, Natalie Lavelock, Trish Springsteen, Dr. Sophia Yen, Dr. Paula Gordon, and a celebrity panel featuring Kimberly Butler, Butta-B-Rocka, Andi Sweeney Blanco, Julie Brown, and Brandie Phillips.

With the theme of “Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up YES YOU Global Connection Event,” the Summit has created a space for women to:

Share stories of personal growth and empowerment.

Learn from inspirational speakers and panelists.

Network with other like-minded individuals.

Develop valuable skills and strategies for personal and professional advancement.

Celebrate the achievements of women across all sectors.

Drummond and her team of ambassadors are hopeful this event and the book, “Mission Accepted: 262 Women Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives & Media Rock Legacy & Tell All” will leave a lasting impact, empowering women to surpass existing boundaries and achieve their full potential. “With this book, we are about to make history. This book will be discussed for many years to come and will inspire and motivate women of all sectors to reach beyond what they already know. The circumstances are different, the scenarios may be different, and where we live and how we live might be different, but we all have our voice … one voice. When we speak up for ourselves, we also speak up for our sisters worldwide. Sisters that we may never even meet can feel it as each act of empowerment creates a vibration to the world and the cosmos that quietly encourages all of us to take our next step in bravery.”

The Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up YES YOU Global Connection events are dedicated to personal and professional growth for women. The virtual summits offer a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired by leading women across diverse fields. More information about the 262 project and upcoming events can be found at

About Deb Drummond

Deb Drummond is an Ultrapreneur. She is a pioneer in the world of natural health, creating seven companies in the field. Deb is an award-winning business owner with achievements that have never been done before. She is a leader in opening local and international markets. She has inspired, educated, and motivated audiences of 20,000 plus to stand on their feet. A well-known radio host of the Mission Accepted podcast, Deb interviews dynamic Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives, and Media Professionals who reveal personal life stories and secrets to the success of “making it” in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. In her private practice, Deb has worked with over 30,000 clients, moving them to higher states of optimal health, wealth, and business.


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