“Four-Legged Heroes: The Mama Magina Books” by Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman – Unleashing the Miraculous Stories of Canine Courage and Endurance

"Four-Legged Heroes: The Mama Magina Books" by Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman - Unleashing the Miraculous Stories of Canine Courage and Endurance
A Heartwarming Journey into the World of Wolf-Imbued Bravery – Animal Magic Unveiled in Three Incredible Tales

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman’s “Four-Legged Heroes: The Mama Magina Books.” Published by Author’s Tranquility Press, this captivating collection of true stories unveils the miraculous tales of canine courage, endurance, and fortitude, leaving readers in awe of the indomitable spirit of the husky.

“Four-Legged Heroes” invites readers into a world where animal magic and the unique DNA of the wolf combine to create tales of unparalleled bravery and miraculous feats. Mary Virginia Pittman crafts three incredible stories that transcend the ordinary, transporting readers into the heart of arctic “mushing” experiences that redefine the perception of the husky.

The narrative unfolds with the gripping account of the 1925 Iditarod, known as the Race of Mercy, told in a way that allows readers to feel the arctic wind on their faces, hear the husky’s warm breath, and experience the exhilarating commands of the musher. Pittman’s storytelling prowess brings to life the courage and endurance of these four-legged heroes, leaving an indelible mark on animal lovers and creating lifelong fans of the husky.

Pittman’s exploration of the genetically imbued spirit of the wolf showcases the husky’s unique ability to go beyond the ordinary, demonstrating bravery beyond imagination. “Four-Legged Heroes” goes beyond the surface, unraveling the heartwarming stories that evoke tears, laughter, and a newfound appreciation for the remarkable bond between humans and their canine companions.

These stories are not just adventures; they are timeless tales that captivate the soul and linger in the hearts of readers. Pittman’s gift for storytelling ensures that the courage and fortitude of these four-legged heroes are never to be forgotten.

About the Author:

Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman, an adept storyteller, brings to life the extraordinary tales of “Four-Legged Heroes.” With a passion for unveiling the magic of the husky, Pittman’s narratives captivate readers, creating an immersive experience that transcends the pages.Mary Virginia McCormick Pittamn has received numerous accolades, including such as the youngest ever to receive the Legend of Texas Awards, Americas Heroes of Freedom Award, was presented to her in Washington, D.C. The International Poetry Award by the International Poetry Society, also presented to her in Washington D.C. The Supreme Warrior Award, from the Malaysian Kenya for her years of conservation work to saving and preserving Kenya’s wild-lise and to the people of Kenya. The Mama Duma Safari Deluxe Tour, out of Nairobi, is named in her Honor! 

In her scientific work to save wolves and her scientific expeditions in Canada and the Subarctic, she is a musher using husky dogs for her work’s intentions. MVP is readily accepted by both canine species… they feel her sensitivity to them!

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