International Trainer Nazar Ghazali Publishes His Master’s Thesis on Bodybuilding and Fitness

Nazar Ghazali is a heavily acclaimed Kurdish, Iraqi bodybuilding and fitness trainer. Nazar published his Master’s Thesis on bodybuilding & fitness aiming to teach sports fans and enthusiasts the correct way to perform exercises and improve health.

A proud holder of numerous international bodybuilding certificates, winner of multiple championships between 2000 and 2016, and the most accomplished Kurdish athlete, Nazar Ghazali kept elevating the fitness and bodybuilding industries by coaching and leading by example. 

After a string of remarkable successes in his career, Nazar decided to compile his wealth of knowledge and experience into a palpable, science-backed format. He proudly announces to his trainees, fans, and followers that the Master’s Thesis on Fitness and Bodybuilding by International Trainer Nazar Ghazali has been officially certified by the IFBB International Academy of Bodybuilding and Fitness Dubai. 

Nazar’s Master’s Thesis earned the coveted grade of “excellent”, and all training methods outlined therein have been formally recognized by the leading authorities in the field of bodybuilding. 

Ghazali traveled across the globe in pursuit of new challenges; he competed in numerous high-profile championships from Duhok and Mosul to Jordan, Bahrain, Thailand, India, Hungary, Spain, and Greece. Having tested his skills, dedication, and experience against some of the most distinguished rivals, especially in the World Championship in 2011, he was inspired to catalog his impressive experiences into a comprehensive guide to proper training exercises.

The Master’s Thesis on Fitness and Bodybuilding dives deep into the healthiest, most efficient, and biomechanically accurate methods by which fitness and bodybuilding exercises should be performed. 

Nazar’s letter was discussed on the February 19th 2024 at the IFBB academy’s headquarters in Dubai for five continuous hours. The committee, chaired by His Excellency Colonel Abdul Karim Muhammad Saeed, Chariman of the Academy’s Board of Directors, also included numerous members of the IFBB Scientific Committee, including Engineer Walid Abdul Karim, Senior Lecturer and Director General of the Academy Salah Taher, Chariman of the Scientific Committee Dr. Wissam Abdel Karim, Director of Legal Affairs and Captain Muhammad Abdel Karim, and many others. 

After exhaustive and considerate deliberation with the most prominent scientific minds in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, His Excellence Colonel Abdul Karim Muhammad Saeed concluded the session by announcing the success of the international trainer Nazar Ghazali. 

Consequentially, this meant that Ghazali obtained a Master’s degree in physical fitness and bodybuilding and was the 31st international trainer who can boast about such accomplishments.

Even prior to obtaining his Master’s Degree, Nazar Ghazali was recognized as the most heavily acclaimed and certified international Kurdish trainer in fitness and bodybuilding. The formal recognition from IFBB International Academy of Bodybuilding and Fitness Dubai further cemented his position as a premier authority as a trainer.

More information about Nazar Ghazali is available on his official Instagram page

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