Meet Yasemin Germiyanligil: The Creative Force Behind Daisy Lane

In the fashion universe, Yasemin Germiyanligil shines as a beacon of creativity and innovation. At the age of 23, she is the mastermind behind Daisy Lane, a groundbreaking fashion label celebrating self-expression, liberation, and the joy of living authentically. Yasemin’s journey from a dreamer in Istanbul to a visionary designer in the vibrant streets of New York City underscores the transformative power of pursuing passions and defying societal norms.

“For me, it all began with an innate desire to manifest my visions and share them with the world,” reflects Yasemin, contemplating her evolution as a designer. “There’s an undeniable sense of liberation in creating without constraints, without the shackles of conventional rules. It all starts with tapping into the boundless imagination of childhood.”

What initially began as a fanciful endeavor to craft bikinis for a girls’ getaway, soon burgeoned into something extraordinary: A colorful, young, creative fashion brand. As demand for her distinctive creations rapidly increased, Yasemin decided to create her fashion brand – Daisy Lane – as a testament to individuality, authenticity, and the unbridled delight of embracing everyone’s inner child.

“At Daisy Lane, we’re not merely crafting garments; we’re cultivating a way of life,” explains Yasemin. “We strongly believe that every individual deserves the unfettered freedom to express themselves authentically, devoid of apprehension or inhibition.”

Drawing inspiration from her own childhood dreams and visions, Yasemin infuses each Daisy Lane creation with a palpable sense of wonder and exuberance. From vibrant hues to extravagant designs, every piece embodies the carefree spirit innate in us all.

Yet, Daisy Lane transcends the realm of fashion, serving as a catalyst for positive change. Committed to sustainability and female empowerment, Yasemin ensures that each garment is meticulously handmade in Turkey, utilizing locally sourced materials. Moreover, through a partnership with a Turkish non-profit organization that imparts knitting skills to female survivors of domestic abuse, Daisy Lane empowers these women to reclaim their independence and flourish.

“In a world where creativity is often suffocated by the weight of societal norms and institutionalized expectations, reclaiming our sense of self is paramount,” asserts Yasemin. “That’s why our mantra at Daisy Lane is simple: Be liberated, be authentic, and remain impervious to external judgment.”

As Yasemin continues to push the boundaries of fashion and imagination, her vision for Daisy Lane extends far beyond the confines of the runway. With aspirations to inaugurate a flagship store that transcends traditional retail, Yasemin envisions a sanctuary where customers can reconnect with their inner child and thrive in the euphoria of self-expression.

From the vibrant streets of New York City to the bustling roads of London, Daisy Lane has garnered international acclaim. To follow Yasemin Germiyanligil’s groundbreaking fashion narrative and explore the innovative collections of Daisy Lane, visit their Instagram profile ( or discover their offerings at select retailers such as Lone Design Club in London, The Canvas NYC, Les Miss NYC, and Butterfly Club.


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