GYLD’s Trading Assessments Dubbed among the Highest Rated in the Prop Trading Industry

Get Your Liquidity Doping (GYLD) is a premier Czech proprietary trading platform offering trading education, streamlined prop trading utilities, and sophisticated investing tools. The firm’s CFO announced that GYLD’s one-step assessments continue to improve and reshape the industry.

Proprietary trading, the embodiment of “high risk, high reward” in the investment sector was always attracting the boldest of traders. The landscape of this industry forever changed with the rise of Get Your Liquidity Doping (GYLD), a high-tech prop trading platform based in Czech Republic, boasting comprehensive education modules, simplified trading mechanisms, and powerful investing tools. 

GYLD launched in 2023 with a simple vision – to empower prop traders with an all-encompassing platform where trading is secure and straightforward. With a highly intuitive interface, deep data encryptions, accounts with raw spreads, instant deposit options, and a team of dedicated experts manning customer support channels around the clock, GYLD made waves in the prop trading industry upon its launch. 

Fast-forward to 2024, GYLD became known as one of the most reliable proprietary trading partners, widely praised for its advanced technology-driven benefits and a simplified trading process.

According to Borek Slezak, GYLD’s CEO and co-founder, the true Get Your Liquidity Doping difference and what sets it apart from contemporary prop funding portals is a commitment to excellence and progress, stating:

“We have been on a journey to build a technologically sound funding platform for traders, and I can see that we have done a really good job. However, we still continue to strive to stay at the forefront of the proprietary trading industry, as it is an ever-changing industry,” said Borek Slezak. 

From trading challenge veterans and market experts to brand-new beginners, Get Your Liquidity Doping was purposefully built to cater to diverse needs of traders at all skill and experience levels. 

Slezak continued, underscoring that the main goal of GYLD is to ensure traders have access to comprehensive funding solutions, step-by-step guidance and assessments, and a host of educational resources at their disposal:

“Our aim is to provide traders with the best possible trading experience and to maximize their chances of achieving their full potential. With this in mind, we will certainly be part of significant changes to proprietary trading in the future, which we are confident will be in the best interests of traders,” Slezak continued. 

GYLD has created the golden formula for success based on a three-step program. Newcomers are only required to choose their initial funding, select one or two-step assessment options, which are to be conducted by the firm’s prop trading experts, and choose the desired trading challenge to officially start their journey to success. 

Adam Krytinar, GYLD’s CFO and co-founder highlights that more and more traders are coming to Get Your Liquidity Doping drawn by its comprehensive assessments. Knowing that proprietary traders are exposed to a significant risk, GYLD exists to not only educate its users but also help them test their knowledge and preparedness for real-world prop trading.

GYLD assessments explore the trader’s skill from all angles, diving deep into their strongest and weakest points, trading habits, and familiarity with chosen markets. It is purely because of the innovative assessment concepts GYLD deploys that its traders come out stronger, faster, and more efficient once the process is finished. 

“We can see that our assessments are on the right track to perfection, as the assessments we create for traders are some of the highest rated in the proprietary industry,” Adam said.

Get Your Liquidity Doping is constantly working on improving the accuracy of its assessments, even though it is widely hailed among the best in this field. Both one and two-step assessments a range of crucial data points, including but not limited to equity growth target, daily loss limits, max dropdown, leverage, stoploss, share of gains, withdraw gains, and inactivity period. 

More than proving grounds for adept prop traders, Get Your Liquidity Doping is also an educational hub that strives to continuously support its users in their trading endeavors. 

More information about GYLD and its assessments is available on the company’s official website.

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