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Boron Powder

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Boron, a chemical element with the symbol B and atomic number 5, is a black/brown hard solid amorphous powder. It is highly reactiveand soluble in concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids but insoluble in water, alcohol and ether. It has a high neutro absorption capacity. UrbanMines specializes in producing high purity Boron Powder with the smallest possible average grain sizes. Our standard powderparticle sizes average in the range of – 300 mesh, 1 microns and 50~80nm. We can also provide many materials in the nanoscale range.Other shapes are available by request.

Product detail

Enterprise specification for boron powder

package: aluminum foil bag

stockage: preservation under sealed drying conditions and store separated from other chemicals.

What is boron powder used for?

Boron powder is widely used in metallurgy, electronics, medicine, ceramics, nuclear industry, chemical industry and other fields.

1. Boron powder is a kind of metal fuel with high gravimetric and volumetric calorific values, which has been widely used in military fields such as solid propellants, high-energyexplosives, and pyrotechnics. And the ignition temperature of boron powder is greatly reduced due to its irregular shape and large specific surface area;

2. Boron powder is used as an alloy component in special metal products to form alloys and improve the mechanical properties of metals. It can also be used to coat tungsten wires or asfillaments in composites with metals or ceramics. Boron is frequently used in spcial purpose alloys to harden other metals, specifically high- temperature brazing alloys.

3. Boron powder is used as a deoxidizer in oxygen free copper smelting. A small amount of boron powder is added during the metal smelting process. On the one hand, it is used as adeoxidizer to prevent the metal from being oxidized at high temperature. Boron powder is used as an additive for magnesia-carbon bricks used in high temperature furnaces forsteelmaking;

4. Boron powders are also useful in any application where high surface areas are desired such as water treatment and in fuel cell and solar applications. Nanoparticles also produce veryhigh suface areas.

5. Boron powder is also an important raw material for the manufacture of high- purity boron halide, and other boron compound raw materials; boron powder can also be used as welding

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