The Global Release Of “Neither One Of Us” By Tricia Tribble: A Soul-stirring Homage To Gladys Knight

Tricia Tribble is proud to release her first single release paying homage to the iconic Gladys Knight.

Be ready to be swept away through the musical legacy of Gladys Knight, as Tricia Tribble, one of Chicago’s most revered vocalists, unveils her first worldwide release, “Neither One of Us,”. The soul stirring rendition has been one of the classics from the yesteryears. It will definitely captivate audiences worldwide with its powerful performance and emotional depth.

The rendition of “Neither Of Us” is definitely all set to transcend time. It will showcase her exceptional vocal prowess. It should also provide you an insight into the unwavering dedication to the craft of music. With each of the notes within the single, Tricia channelises the essence of Glady Knight and her music. You will have access to a performance that resonates with the soul and leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

Like an expert in the world of classical music state that, “This is not just music; it’s a soul-stirring celebration of one of the greatest classics from the golden era.  Witness the convergence of talent and emotion as Tricia Tribble pours her heart and soul into every note. This release is more than a song; it’s an emotional journey that resonates with audiences across borders”.

The musical journey of Tricia Tribble

The musical journey of Tricia Tribble owes its beginning to the city of Chicago. She honed her singing skills in a church and later moved on to embark on her professional musical journey. She was soon known in the musical arena for her melodic voice and captivating presence on stage.

Today, Tricia is known as the most respected vocalists in the Chicago area. Her versatile singing and an ability to connect with her audience makes her set her own standards in the musical world.

“Tricia Tribble is a must-see artist who is quickly becoming an entertainment sensation,” is one of the fans of her music. He continued “ “Get ready for an extraordinary musical journey as Tricia Tribble takes center stage in her first-ever worldwide release, paying homage to the legendary Gladys Knight with a performance that transcends time and captivates hearts,”

With several performances that span the country across its length and breadth, which include the notable venues such as  the Capital Jazz Super Cruise XII and the Black Ensemble Theater, she is known for an excellent musical efficiency. With them, Tricia has made sure that she is a force to reckon with in the world of music. Her dedication the music and a skill of providing unforgettable entertainment have earned her a dedicated following.

Tricia and her single “Neither One of Us” is more than just a song. Rediscover the world of music and the timeless beauty of Gladys Knight’s classic as Tribble breathes new life into this beloved melody.


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