Embark on a Journey of Love and Discovery with ‘Kissing Frogs’: A Heartwarming Tale of Perseverance and Romance by Wendy J Brunelli

Embark on a Journey of Love and Discovery with 'Kissing Frogs': A Heartwarming Tale of Perseverance and Romance by Wendy J Brunelli

Buckle up to experience Maddie’s search for true love, a young woman named Maddie makes the decision to embark on a quest to find true love. She even enlisted the aid of a matchmaker to assist her in starting her search for her ideal spouse.

The plot of Kissing Frogs is interestingly set by meeting the matchmaker. Everything has a price, as has been said, and in her search for the ideal prince, she had unpleasant experiences that led to broken relationships.

She went on countless dates with guys that were either too boring, too weird, or too full of themselves. But Maddie didn’t give up. She was determined to find her soulmate. But whenever she thought she had found the one, he turned out to be just another frog.

The book revolves around the story of Maddie, what her relationships offered her, what things she learned during this journey, and what compelled her to find it better for her to move from one relationship to the other and still be optimistic about what her future holds for her.

Despite facing setbacks and unexpected life events, Maddie was still hopeful about finding the man of her dreams. A man who would fill the gaps in Maddie’s life with his love and care. She was still optimistic about getting a life partner who genuinely cared for her and matched her personality.

A self-refection of her past about soul-searching, she will realize that wounds take time to heal and everything happens in its own time. But the question remains: will she ever be able to find the man of her dreams?

Wendy has put her heart and soul into writing this book, although she doesn’t consider herself an author. She perceives she has a story to tell, and she does it when she finds the opportunity to make it happen. She believes many people can relate to her story, especially those on the journey to find true love.

Despite the author’s life struggles, she has finally reached a point where she feels comfortable sharing her inspiring story of perseverance. 

‘Kissing Frogs’ is a must-read for anyone on a ride for looking their soulmate. Experience enthusiasm and passion through Maddy’s story. Wendy J Brunelli wants to share a fun and light-hearted story. Please give it a read, have a good time and Join Maddie on her exciting journey to finding her soulmate. 

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