Nancy Lynne Harris Inducted into IAOTP’s Hall of Fame

Nancy Lynne Harris Inducted into IAOTP’s Hall of Fame

Nancy Lynne Harris is a Shaman, Spiritual Teacher & Author of GodSpirits United LLC. She will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). Her expertise and extraordinary talents have afforded her this merit.  

Inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor; only 10 IAOTP members are inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame. These special honorees are distinguished based on their longevity in their fields, the contributions they have made to society, and the impact they have had on their industries. Ms Harris will be inducted into the exclusive Hall of Fame at IAOTP’s 2024 Annual Awards Gala at Nashville’s magnificent Opryland Hotel this December.  

With over 25 years of professional experience as a Spiritual Teacher and Shaman, Nancy has certainly proven herself to be an accomplished professional and expert in her field. She is a dynamic, results-driven leader specializing in spiritual counseling and shamanic treatments. Nancy is widely known for her ability to heal depression and glaucoma.

She is the Founder of GodSpirits United, LLC, a company dedicated to assisting individuals in overcoming medically incurable illnesses and addictions through the transformative power of energy healing. Nancy provides energy treatments and spiritual readings, both in person and remotely via telephone. She also offers online training called “12 Steps to Heal Yourself Without Medicine.”

Nancy’s profound comprehension of Jesus’ energy dynamics propelled her to the pinnacle of her professional journey. She managed to recover on her own after her left femur (leg bone) became detached from her hip bone following the tragic loss of her oldest son, Jeff. After enduring months of excruciating pain, she managed to find healing by recognizing the emotional distance she had with her son and how it was affecting her physical well-being. Through the power of her unwavering belief in the unbreakable bond with God, she experienced a remarkable transformation as her sense of isolation dissolved and her physical well-being swiftly improved. Nancy successfully cured her son Michael of congenital glaucoma, a condition that is considered medically incurable. Despite the doctors performing two eye surgeries to prevent further damage to his optic nerve caused by high pressure, Nancy’s intervention proved to be the turning point in preventing blindness.

Before embarking on her career path, Nancy graduated from The Four Winds Society, the world’s most extensive professional training in Andean energy healing and shamanism. She completed advanced training in Theta Healing and received training in spiritual healing through the Eschatology Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. Nancy has worked with mentors such as Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, James VanPraagh, and Dr. Hank Wesselman. In addition to her spiritual achievements, Nancy holds a Master of Arts Degree in Music Theory and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Piano Performance. She is Nationally Certified as a piano teacher through Music Teachers National Association. 

Throughout her illustrious career, Nancy has received awards and accolades and is recognized worldwide for her notable leadership and dedication to the profession. In 2021, Ms Harris was awarded the IAOTP’s Empowered Woman of the Year Award. In 2020, she received IAOTP’s Top Shaman & Spiritual Teacher of the Year. Nancy was featured in TIP (Top Industry Professional) Magazine and is being considered for the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award given by IAOTP. She will be inducted into IAOTP’s prestigious Hall of Fame this December at IAOTP’s Annual Awards Gala at the magnificent Opryland Hotel. In past years, Nancy received an award from Worldwide Who’s Who for excellence in energy medicine. 

Nancy is not only accomplished in her career, but she is also highly regarded as a speaker who guides individuals in harnessing their creative energy to transform their blood chemistry and achieve healing. She also offers educational workshops emphasizing the power of positive thinking to promote the flow of healthy fluids throughout the body, regulating body chemistry and facilitating healing. 

Nancy, a published author through, has written numerous books on these subjects. She has a collection of publications, one of which is Miracles Master the Art: Healing Medically Incurable Illness; Mental Illness Heal Yourself; Invasion Revealed: Healing Alcoholism, Mental Illness & Drug Addiction; Heal Yourself of Anything: Example Glaucoma; COMI: A Guide to Consciously Overcoming Mental Illness and Healing Hang-Ups: Depression, Alcohol, and Drug Addiction. 

Looking back, Nancy attributes her success to her training, insightfulness, and unique ability to teach others how to heal themselves without medicine. When not working, Nancy enjoys playing jazz piano. For the future, she hopes to continue helping people stay healthy and free of pain while freeing the body and aura from negative emotional energy.

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