Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers Huge Selection Of MotorCycle Parts

Finding the right parts for your dirt bike can be hard. Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers makes it easy. This blog will guide you through their services and how they can solve your problem.

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Key Takeaways

  • Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers is a go-to spot in Melbourne for second-hand dirt bike parts, connecting with over 100 wrecking yards across Australia to offer a wide range of used bits and project motorcycles.
  • They have been serving the motorbike community for more than twenty – five years, providing not only parts but also expert repair services by qualified mechanics at competitive prices.
  • The shop buys all types of motorcycles and scooters from people, offering hassle-free pick-up anywhere in Australia including major cities like Sydney and Brisbane, ensuring quick payment.
  • For racers looking to prep their bikes for competition or riders needing custom modifications, Just Dirt Bikes offers tailored solutions with advice on the best parts and gear selection along with comprehensive mechanical support.
  • With a broad selection of products ranging from used bikes to specific modification parts, they cater to various needs ensuring most makes, models, and years are covered. Plus, they provide quotes for labor costs upfront making it easier for customers planning repairs or upgrades.

About Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers is your go-to online shop in Melbourne, Australia, for second-hand dirt bike bits and pieces. They connect with over a hundred wrecking yards nationwide to find you the best deals on project motorbikes, add-ons, and more.

Online retailer specialising in used dirt bike parts, accessories, and project motorcycles

This shop sells parts, add-ons, and project motorbikes for dirt biking enthusiasts. People looking for pre-owned dirt bike parts or gear find a huge selection here. They also have project bikes that need a bit of work.

This makes it easy for riders to get what they need to hit the trails again.

With ties to over 100 wreckers across Australia, finding rare parts is simple. This network ensures customers can track down nearly any part they need for brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki.

Whether it’s an exhaust system for a motocross bike or fairings for a trail bike, this retailer has got it covered. They serve riders in Melbourne and all over Australia with quality used items saving them money and time.

Connections to over 100 wreckers across Australia

Moving from the online retail of used dirt bike parts, Just Dirt Bikes takes its service a notch higher. They have strong ties with over 100 motorcycle wreckers throughout Australia.

This network means customers can find nearly any part they need for their bikes. Whether it’s a specific piece for a Yamaha motorcycle or something rarer like GasGas parts, the chances are high that Just Dirt Bikes will track it down.

These connections are not just about finding the right part; they also ensure competitive prices and quick access to a wide range of components. From off-road motorcycles to sports bikes and scooters, there’s hardly any make or model out of reach.

Riders looking to fix up an old motocross bike or those in need of particular Husqvarna pieces benefit greatly from this vast network.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, and in business for over twenty-five years

Building on a vast network with over 100 wreckers across the country, Just Dirt Bikes has its roots deeply planted in Melbourne. This city is not just their home base; it’s where they’ve grown from a local shop into a leading name for motorbike enthusiasts.

For more than twenty-five years, they’ve served bikers with dedication and expertise, marking them as veterans in the industry.

Their long journey began in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling streets. Over time, Just Dirt Bikes became synonymous with quality used parts for motocross bikes, enduro racers, and trail explorers alike.

They know every twist and turn of the motorcycle world. Their experience lets them connect riders with the perfect parts or services whether they’re revving up cruisers or refurbishing sports motorcycles for another ride.

Services Offered by Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers

At Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers, we offer top services for all riders. Our skilled mechanic fixes bikes at great prices. We also buy different kinds of motorcycles and scooters, making it easy to get rid of ones you don’t want anymore.

Race prep work for competitive riders

Just Dirt Bikes gets competitive riders ready for their races. They check your motorbike from top to bottom. They make sure it runs fast and safe. Their mechanic knows a lot about dirt bikes and works hard to make yours the best it can be.

They also help you pick the right parts and gear. This means looking at lots of different pieces from gas tanks to tires, making sure everything fits your bike perfectly. You get advice on how to ride better too.

Getting your bike ready for a race is easy with their help.

Qualified mechanic for bike repairs at competitive prices

Our mechanic fixes your dirt bike without breaking the bank. With over 10 years of experience in motocross and dirt bikes, they handle everything from engine rebuilds to oil changes.

They work on all major brands, ensuring your ride is in top shape. You get great service at a price that makes sense.

Service comes with a full warranty too. This means your motorbike gets expert care, whether it’s Yamaha or Gas Gas. We make sure you pay less for more so you can keep hitting those trails without worry.

Purchase of all types of motorcycles and scooters

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers buys all kinds of motorbikes and scooters. They look for any make, model, condition, or year. You can sell your unwanted or project bikes without a fuss. They offer quick pickup from anywhere in Australia including big cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

They pay fast for your motorcycles using bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal. This process makes selling easy and quick for anyone looking to free up some space or get extra cash.

Hassle-free pickup and fast payment for unwanted or project bikes

Selling your unwanted or project bikes to Just Dirt Bikes is simple and quick. They offer free pickup from anywhere in Australia, including major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

No matter the condition, make, model, or year of your motorbike or scooter, they’ll buy it. You get paid fast without any headache.

They handle all types of two-wheelers – from trail bikes to café racers. With over 30 years in the motorbike industry, they know how to give top prices for your old rides. Next up is their wide selection of products and services.

Range of Products and Services

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers offer everything a motorcycle fan might need. From second-hand bikes to custom parts, they have it all. They fix bikes at great prices and create special parts for your ride.

You can even get your bike picked up if you’re ready to sell or swap it.

Used bikes, repairs, parts, and accessories

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers offers a wide selection. They have used motorbikes, like the Yamaha Pee Wee 50 or Honda CRF450r. You’ll find many brands, including Honda and Suzuki. Their team fixes bikes too.

A qualified mechanic can handle any repair at good prices.

They also provide parts for fixing up your ride or making it special. Need new brakes or engine parts? They’ve got them. Looking for cool accessories? Check out their performance engine components or full plastic kits.

This place has everything for motorcycles, from tyres to electrical bits.

Parts for dirt bike modification and custom parts fabrication

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers has everything you need to modify your dirt bike. They offer a wide range of parts for many motorcycle brands, like Yamaha and Honda. You can find suspension kits, engines, electrical bits, fuel systems, frames, bodywork pieces, wheels, and brakes.

This lets you build a bike that suits your riding style perfectly.

Their workshop is set up for both repairs and making new parts. If you want to change how your bike looks or rides, they can help with that too. Just Dirt Bikes stocks used bikes as well.

These are great if you’re looking for something to customise from the start. With their help, turning an old bike into something unique is easy and fun.

Full range of motorcycle parts for most makes, models, and years

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers offers a wide selection of parts for different motorbikes. You can find components for top brands including Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki among others. This means if you need a part, no matter the type or year of your bike, chances are they have it.

Their inventory includes essentials for both repairs and upgrades. For instance, they stock tyres, tubes, rim locks as well as engine pieces like sprockets and chains. They make sure riders get everything needed to keep their bikes running smoothly or to take their ride to the next level with modifications.

Whether fixing an old bike or customising one for better performance, Just Dirt Bikes has the parts you need.

Pick up services for motorcycles and quotes for labour charges

Just Dirt Bikes makes getting rid of unwanted motorcycles easy. They offer pick-up services for any motorcycle, regardless of make, model, condition, or year. This means you don’t have to worry about how to bring your bike to them; they come to you.

Once they pick up your bike, payment is fast and hassle-free.

For those needing repairs or modifications on their motorbikes, Just Dirt Bikes provides detailed quotes for labor costs. You can book your workshop visit easily and know the charges upfront.

After repair work finishes, paying is straightforward too – use bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.


Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers stands out as a top spot for bike lovers across Australia. With a vast network of over 100 wreckers and 25 years of service, they offer everything a rider might need.

From used parts to full race prep, their team helps riders hit the track with confidence. Their Melbourne-based shop provides quick pick-up services and quality repairs for all types of motorcycles.

If you’re into motocross or just love bikes, this place has got your back with parts, bikes, and know-how.


1. What do Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers specialise in?

Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers specialise in parts for motorbikes, focusing on dual sports and other motorcycle types.

2. Can I find parts for my dual sports bike at Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers?

Yes, you can find a wide range of parts for your dual sports bike at Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers.

3. Do Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers only deal with motorbike wrecking?

While their main focus is on motorbike wrecking, they also offer services related to various motorcycle needs.

4. How can I get help finding a part at Just Dirt Bikes Wreckers?

You can contact them directly, and their team will assist you in finding the right part for your motorcycle.

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