Coincoming: A Globally-Oriented Digital Asset Trading Service Platform

The COINCOMING digital asset trading platform was established in 2018 and is registered in Colorado, USA. It was created by top blockchain investment institutions from Wall Street, along with investment elites, early investors in the blockchain industry, and researchers, to forge a one-stop international blockchain digital asset trading platform.

Since its establishment in the United States in 2018, COINCOMING has been committed to providing users with safe, professional, and compliant cryptocurrency trading services. Focused on North America and Asia-Pacific, it is fully engaged in expanding its global business. Adopting a dual registration system in the USA and Singapore, COINCOMING embraces regulatory compliance and operations, and has obtained or is in the process of applying for MSB and NFA regulatory licenses (compliance operation licenses) issued by the USA and Canada, the UK’s FCA license, and Australia’s ASIC license, continuously pushing the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

Thanks to secure digital asset management, diversified trading models, and a positive trading experience, official data collected up to January 21, 2024, shows that the COINCOMING digital asset trading platform has achieved a registered user count of 2.17 million, with daily active trading users peaking at 1.017 million and daily active user trading volume reaching a high of 3.36 billion USD.

The COINCOMING digital asset trading platform has a certain renown in the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency trading system field. Its team has independently developed and built a decentralized structure’s security system and asset firewall protection system, effectively preventing DDOS attacks with a double firewall, while also having the support of several top global institutions, solid financial backing, and providing first-class asset security guarantees for global users.

The core team members of the COINCOMING digital asset trading platform come from senior R&D, product, and operations sectors of the Top 3 digital asset trading platforms, possessing extensive experience and professional knowledge, with decades of service experience in the blockchain industry R&D. The core members are spread across the globe, including Singapore, the USA, the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions.

As a globalized digital asset trading service platform, COINCOMING boasts significant product advantages. The team is dedicated to continuously optimizing and improving the platform’s technical architecture to strengthen the protection of users’ asset security. It is constantly launching new products and services to provide a superior trading experience for users. Additionally, COINCOMING has the most comprehensive service system, with a professional customer service team offering 24/7 online consultation services and support, ensuring that investors receive timely help during their trading process.

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