Blending EDM And Rap, D.RNA and Leftlove Releases J Funk Era EP the Perfect Soundtrack

Blending EDM And Rap, D.RNA and Leftlove Releases J Funk Era EP the Perfect Soundtrack

J Funk EP Cover
“J Funk Era” EP by D.RNA and Leftlove is a fusion of rap and soulful vocals over electrifying funk-rock beats, celebrating musical collaboration’s transformative power. With tracks like “Home to You,” it’s a testament to their decade-long partnership, showcasing the magic that unfolds when artists from different backgrounds unite. Through its genre-defying sound, the EP offers a refreshing experience that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners on a journey of musical innovation and unity.

Music is the ultimate form of art and self-expression. It can transcend language, culture, and time and has the power to unite people from all walks of life. In a world where so much divides us, music has the ability to bring us together and connect us in a truly meaningful way.

Indonesia-based rapper D.RNA has teamed up with Leftlove to release one of the hottest EPs in the country. Dubbed J Funk Era, the EP is a classical music masterpiece by two sensational talents coming together to create a musical experience for everyone. Notable for her lyrical prowess, D.RNA expresses herself in her signature energetic and thrilling rap style which perfectly blends Leftlove’s soulful vocals yet electrifying funk to funk rock music.

Essentially, J Funk Era EP celebrates the blending of two different musical cultures and is a must-listen for any electronic music enthusiast with a deep love for a fusion of funk, old-school rap, and groovy beats. You will be treated to musical uniqueness and a refreshing sound that crosses genres.

“Either you love electronic music, neo-soul, or just love a good beat, this EP is sure to take you on a musical journey that you won’t soon forget,” says D.RNA.

After ten (10) years of virtual partnerships, the duo teamed up, which led to D.RNA flying out to Jakarta for the J Funk Era EP project. The objective is to strengthen their musical partnership, and the EP has proved to be the breakthrough key, showcasing the power of collaboration and the magic that can happen when two talented artists with different perspectives come together to make music.

In the J Funk Era EP, Leftlove showcases his techniques of experimentation in electronic music while he has great vocals in “Home to You” song debut. The single is a grooving track featuring Leftlove’s soulful vocals skillfully mastered and featured over D.RNA slick production from her home in Hawaii.

With its funky beats and unique blend of electronic and rap, Leftlove and D.RNA’s J Funk Era EP is a celebration of change, and it’s sure to make people feel groovy and funky. It’s also a testimony of how the musicians and everything around them has evolved and changed over time.

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