“Kangy and Kuda: Rescue at Ethereal Mystica” – A New Illustrated Children’s Book by Nishi Amita Dudhee Promotes Environmental Awareness

"Kangy and Kuda: Rescue at Ethereal Mystica" - A New Illustrated Children’s Book by Nishi Amita Dudhee Promotes Environmental Awareness

NISHI AMITA DUDHEE, the renowned author and illustrator, is excited to announce the release of her new book, Kangy and Kuda: Rescue at Ethereal Mystica. This captivating children’s fantasy story transports young readers into a vibrant world where Kangy, a courageous kangaroo, and Kuda, a kind-hearted koala, embark on a daring rescue mission through the mystical Ethereal Mystica. The book is filled with stunning illustrations and an important message about the impact of wildfires, droughts, and severe weather on wildlife and the environment.

Dudhee, who hails from the tropical island of Mauritius, is passionate about storytelling and illustrating for young audiences. Her background as a graphic designer and her deep connection to the natural world has played a significant role in shaping her creative vision. With Kangy and Kuda, she draws on her unique perspective and experiences, creating a richly detailed narrative that resonates with children and adults alike.

Kangy and Kuda: Rescue at Ethereal Mystica is a tale of bravery, friendship, and environmental stewardship. As Kangy and Kuda journey through lush forests and across breathtaking landscapes, they encounter various creatures, each with their own story. The vivid illustrations capture these characters’ essence and environment, immersing readers in a world where nature’s beauty is celebrated and protected.

Dudhee hopes to inspire young readers to appreciate the natural world and understand the importance of conservation through her work. The story’s moral, centring around protecting animals and the environment, reminds us gently of our responsibility to care for the planet and its inhabitants. Dudhee’s art brings these themes to life, inviting readers to engage with the story more deeply.

With her formal training in graphic design and a passion for visual arts, Dudhee’s journey as an author and illustrator has been driven by her love for creative expression. She believes in the power of illustrations to communicate complex ideas and emotions, allowing her to connect with young readers in meaningful ways. Her use of vibrant colours, detailed character designs, and lush landscapes create a visual feast that complements the heartwarming narrative.

Kangy and Kuda: Rescue at Ethereal Mystica is now available, offering children and families a delightful and thought-provoking reading experience. Dudhee’s latest work is a testament to her commitment to storytelling and her dedication to inspiring the next generation to become guardians of the environment.

About the Author

Amita Dudhee is passionate about writing and illustrating stories for young readers. Being born and raised on a tropical island of Mauritius, Amita imagines stories from the beauty in nature through her creative work. She is formally trained as a graphic designer, and her passion in visual arts motivates her to find different inspirations and has steered her on this journey of creative expressions through the romance of paint and brush on a canvas. She believes in the power of illustrations to share stories among her young readers. Visual creations tell their own stories and have their own language.

Book Name: Kangy and Kuda: Rescue at Ethereal Mystica


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