2024 China Cycle: New Track and New Power New Journey

The 32nd China Cycle 2024, centered around the core theme of “New Track, New Power, New Journey,” grandly opened on May 5th and will run until May 8th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition comprehensively showcases the new trends in the development of the bicycle and electric bicycle industries, displays the latest technological achievements and innovations, and presents new concepts of bicycles contributing to human health, transportation, and entertainment.

Exhibition Scale and Pavilion Distribution

As a globally recognized hallmark event in the two-wheeler industry, the 32nd China Cycle has attracted considerable worldwide attention. This year, approximately 1,500 companies have registered to participate, covering around 7,400 exhibition spaces. The exhibition features 12 specialized pavilions and one outdoor pavilion (namely: W1-W5, E1-E7, and S Pavilion), encompassing a wide range of themes including bicycles and electric bicycles, components, outdoor cycling gear, and electric motorcycles. E1 Pavilion focuses on complete vehicle brands, E2 and E3 Pavilions are dedicated to components, E4 Pavilion showcases tires and accessories, E5, E6, and E7 Pavilions concentrate on electric vehicles and related accessories, W1 Pavilion gathers international brands, W2 Pavilion displays complete vehicles and components, W3 Pavilion is dedicated to children’s bikes, W4 Pavilion focuses on outdoor cycling equipment, and W5 Pavilion covers electric motorcycles and two-wheeler brand innovations. Additionally, the S Pavilion serves as a temporary exhibition area outside that should not be missed.

Exhibiting Companies and Brands

Numerous well-known companies have eagerly signed up to exhibit, including GIANT, MERIDA, PHOENIX, FOREVER, XIDESHENG, FUJITA, JINLUN, YADEA, TAILG, LUYUAN, and others. The exhibition also welcomes nearly a hundred brands from over twenty countries and regions including Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, the US, Portugal, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, and more. Notable brands participating include DECATHLON, SAMSUNG, SHIMANO, Dutch Mechanics, United Wheels, CATEYE, ABIMOTA, ABUS, ALLITE, BATCH, and others, creating a diversified industry exchange platform.

Main Event Highlights

During the exhibition, the organizing committee has meticulously planned a variety of colorful accompanying activities, creating a vibrant atmosphere at the event site. The Innovation Demonstration Exhibit has always been a star activity of the exhibition, becoming a focal point of the industry for 12 consecutive sessions. Over 600 products have distinguished themselves in the CHINA CYCLE Innovation Awards. This edition’s “Innovation Demonstration Exhibit” saw an enthusiastic number of company registrations, with entries far exceeding previous years, leading the organizers to increase the number of gold awards. A total of 15 gold awards and 55 excellence awards have been set up. This edition also features a special area reviewing past Innovation Exhibits, where attendees can immerse themselves in top industry works from previous years, becoming deeply engrossed.

This edition also sees the continuation of the industry transformation and upgrade demonstration exhibit. This year, the scope of the demonstration has expanded to include complete vehicles, transmission systems, braking systems, and electric-assist bicycle power systems among other diverse fields. Companies like LWTOO, WheelTop, JULONG, SUNRUN, KARASAWA, JAVA, LOFANDI, and others from the Czech Republic, GoldenWheelGroup, SUMC, and more, with over thirty exhibits, are participating.

2024 China Cycle has once again organized international procurement meetings, aimed at creating a trade event themed “Precision Matching and Efficient Operation.” The meetings are held in two specialized sessions covering bicycles, electric bicycles, and their components. Over 100 representatives from various countries have been invited to engage with exhibitors for demand matching, primarily focusing on markets in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, making it a distinctly featured international trade meeting for bicycles and electric bicycles.

For the first time, this exhibition has established a Bicycle Marketplace, where numerous well-known bicycle brands gather. Each brand attracts visitors with its unique audience profile and brand story. The brand displays are not merely product exhibitions but also narratives about design, craftsmanship, and lifestyle. The on-site activities include interactive experiences and expert explanations, enabling every visitor to gain a deep understanding of the essence and appeal of bicycles.

During the exhibition, the China Bicycle Association, along with embassies and consulates from Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, and other countries, as well as organizations involved in the “Ambassador’s Tour of China·Premium Journey” campaign, have jointly supported, participated in, and launched the “Easy Ride LINK” green, low-carbon, healthy public cycling initiative. They plan to regularly invite embassies, consulates, and other related institutions to participate in volunteer national cycling events. The event has received high praise from various national diplomats in China. The ambassador from the Bulgarian Embassy in China, Mr. Tehov, stated that China Cycle is a high-standard international exhibition that significantly promotes the outbound presence and bilateral trade of the Chinese bicycle industry. Moreover, the launch of the “Easy Ride LINK” green and healthy public cycling initiative is expected to encourage more participation in public cycling events and serve as a bridge and bond to enhance international friendship.

The exhibition also features a series of interactive experiences that accelerate the heartbeat: an electrifying Bicycle eSports Championship where competitors fiercely contest on virtual tracks; an Electric-Assist Bicycle Test Ride area where cycling enthusiasts can experience the perfect combination of technology and speed firsthand; and a Children’s Bike Test Ride area that offers a safe and joyful riding space for young visitors, filled with their excited laughter. Each event is meticulously designed and full of excitement, providing an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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