Anton Wormann The Social Media Sensation Behind Anton in Japan Releases New Book Free Houses in Japan

Anton Wormann The Social Media Sensation Behind Anton in Japan Releases New Book Free Houses in Japan
Free Houses in Japan is the Definitive Guide to Unlocking Japan’s Abandoned Real Estate Market

Anton Wormann, a social media influencer, DIY enthusiast and former fashion model, announces the release of his book, Free Houses in Japan: The True Story of How I Make Money DIY Renovating Abandoned Homes. Wormann takes readers on a journey through Japan’s unique real estate landscape, uncovering the secrets behind the country’s surplus of abandoned homes and revealing the extraordinary opportunities they present.

Featured in esteemed publications such as Asahi Shinbun, Business Insider, and VOGUE, Free Houses in Japan is the first-ever English-language guide to navigating Japan’s abandoned real estate market. Wormann explores the phenomenon of akiyas, or abandoned homes, offering invaluable insights and debunking prevalent myths surrounding this intriguing aspect of Japanese culture.

“At a time when housing crises are gripping nations worldwide, Japan’s surplus of abandoned homes presents a fascinating paradox,” says Wormann. “Through Free Houses in Japan, I aim to shed light on this phenomenon and empower readers to explore the untapped potential of these neglected properties.”

Wormann’s personal journey from a globe-trotting fashion model to a Tokyo-based DIY enthusiast forms the backdrop of Free Houses in Japan. His transition from the glitz and glamour of the fashion world to the challenges of renovating abandoned homes reflects a remarkable shift in perspective and lifestyle.

As the creative force behind the popular YouTube channel, “Anton in Japan,” Wormann has garnered global recognition for his adventures in Japanese real estate and home renovation. With millions of views monthly, his platform serves as a testament to the growing interest in Japan’s abandoned homes and the potential they hold for investors and enthusiasts alike.

Free Houses in Japan promises to be an indispensable resource for anyone intrigued by Japan’s real estate market or fascinated by the prospect of DIY renovation. Wormann’s passion for his subject matter shines through in every page, offering readers an engaging and informative glimpse into this captivating aspect of Japanese culture.

About the Author:

Anton Wormann is a Swedish model turned DIY enthusiast based in Tokyo, Japan. Renowned for his work in renovation, real estate, and exploring Japan’s abandoned homes, Wormann’s journey began with a successful fashion modeling career in cities like New York, London, and Milan, before settling down in Tokyo in 2019. He now runs the popular “Anton in Japan” social media channels, attracting tens of millions of views monthly. Free Houses in Japan marks his debut as an author, offering readers an insider’s perspective on Japan’s abandoned real estate market.

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Free Houses in Japan is available from various retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo and many others.

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