The core reason for the popularity of bag in box is to drink wine more affordably

Bags in boxes first appeared in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, and later became popular in Australia. The core reason for their popularity is to drink wine more affordably. Compared to traditional packaging, they can provide consumers with a large amount of packaging costs beyond wine in terms of packaging materials, transportation methods, and filling methods.

But what’s even more surprising is that the excellent preservation ability of the bag in the box better meets the needs of the public. Because the volume of the bag in the box will decrease as the liquid decreases, and after pouring the wine, it will directly isolate air from entering the bag, greatly improving the shelf life of the beverage. Usually, people will put the airless drinks in the refrigerator and keep them fresh and flavorful for the next drink.

Some people also believe that the reason why bags in boxes are becoming more and more popular is because they are very convenient to carry. At some family gatherings, people prefer to carry a few boxes of drinks rather than glass bottles in the case.

The packaging method of beverages in boxes has become the most environmentally friendly packaging method, and currently, more environmentally friendly manufacturers are able to produce biodegradable packaging bags and put them into paper boxes. So in the entire liquid packaging industry, everyone agrees that bag in box will be the mainstream packaging method in the future.

Here, we also recommend a few affordable box in bag wines with good flavors: Baccarat, California Le Shi, and Fangshiya.


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