Seattle Truck Crash Lawyer Kevin Coluccio Stresses The Importance of the Semi-Truck’s Black Boxes

Seattle Truck Crash Lawyer Kevin Coluccio Stresses The Importance of the Semi-Truck’s Black Boxes

While most have heard about the black boxes of airplanes over the course of the past several years, semi-trucks have become equipped with the similar modules that record data regarding the operation and movements of a semi-truck on our public roadways and highways.

ECM stands for Engine Control Module, which is essentially a minicomputer found in all late model commercial trucks that provides information about the engine, driving history, and various operational issues. The ECM is often called the engine’s “brain”, it is also commonly referred to as a module. The ECM collects data from sensors throughout the engine and vehicle, and then analyzes performance.

The ECM’s functions during the operation of a semi-truck include: Monitoring the braking system, monitoring various safety systems, optimizing engine performance, adjusting critical parameters like fuel consumption and ignition, and ensuring the smooth operation of the engine.

In addition, and importantly for representation of the victims of semi-truck accidents, an ECM can provide critical data and a considerable amount of information as to the actions of a Commercial Truck Driver leading up to and at the time of an accident.

As the years have gone by, the number and types of modules on semi-trucks have greatly increased, providing more and more information.

When contacted by the victims of a semi-truck accident, Seattle truck crash lawyer Kevin Coluccio of Coluccio Law firm works to immediately request the preservation of the semi-truck’s modules and he works with the experts to download the modules and analyze the data.

Recently, Kevin Coluccio was retained by the family of the victims of a trucking accident. The truck driver claimed that Coluccio’s client had moved into his lane and “cut him off” causing the accident. He claimed that he had been traveling at a slow speed, braked hard and tried to steer to the right to avoid a collision.

The Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer requested the preservation of the truck’s modules. The module data showed that the truck driver had been traveling at a high rate of speed and had not braked prior to the collision. It also showed that he made no steering movement. This data was critical to defeating the truck driver’s claims and defense to the accident.

This is just one example of how important and useful semi-truck ECMs have become to the representation of trucking accident victims.

As one of the leading truck accident attorneys in the Pacific Northwest, Kevin Coluccio works to represent truck accident victims at the highest level. He works with the best trucking accident experts. He is the only Washington State based attorney board certified as a Truck Accident Attorney certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

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