Recombinant Antibody Technology Defines the Future of Biopharmaceutical Development, Creative Biolabs Says

A prominent CRO, Creative Biolabs, has announced their intention to drive the biopharmaceutical industry forward and has highlighted the role of recombinant antibody engineering in research and drug development efforts.

New York, USA – May 14, 2024 – Creative Biolabs is transforming the scope of biopharmaceutical development with its cutting-edge recombinant antibody products and custom antibody discovery solutions. Their specialized products, like antibodies, antibody-like scaffold proteins, and antibody-cytokine fusion proteins, apply to both drug discovery projects and disease research endeavors.

“Our flagship product, recombinant antibodies, offers high-affinity solutions for a wide variety of applications, from therapeutic development to diagnostic assays, almost covering any prevalent research target. Our robust recombinant DNA technology platform for antibody production and versatile expression systems ensure the highest purity and specificity in the yielding antibodies, enabling researchers to achieve accurate and reliable results.” According to a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Creative Biolabs also supplies the most comprehensive list of antibody-like scaffold proteins, including over 30 different types, such as 10-FnIII, Min-23, ubiquitin, Kunitz domains, PDZ domain, and Z-domain of protein A, which possess the ability to simultaneously interact and/or bind with multiple other proteins and organize partner proteins into a framework to facilitate their concerted interactions and functions. Those scaffold proteins provide a stable framework for the design of novel biologics and can be customized to meet specific research needs.

Moreover, Creative Biolabs excels in the development of functional immunocytokines, especially antibody-cytokine fusion proteins (ACFPs), a groundbreaking approach to enhancing the efficacy and specificity of immunotherapeutic agents. By combining the targeting capabilities of antibodies with the immune-modulating properties of cytokines, the fusion proteins hold promise for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions.

“Our fusion proteins have distinctive advantages, including a rather low immunogenicity, a high affinity at the subnanomolar level, and outstanding solubility in aqueous solutions.” The scientist commented.

“At Creative Biolabs, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific advancement through our innovative antibody solutions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver premium products and services that empower our clients to make a difference in the field of biotechnology. Our antibody and protein products that I’ve just highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg.”



Utilizing innovative techniques like recombinant DNA, Creative Biolabs is able to rapidly customize antibodies for various applications, covering both diagnostics and therapeutics. A group of scientists will attend several 2024 industry conferences to share views with global researchers about frontier discoveries and establish partnerships. Their agenda includes BIO International 2024, World Bispecific Summit, Exosome-Based Therapeutic Summit, and World ADC San Diego.

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