How to Solve Abnormal Air Compressor Shaft Vibration?

The ways to Solve Abnormal Air screw air compressor Shaft Vibration

1. Manufacturers must ensure product quality. Reliable materials must be ensured for core components such as rotors and large gears. For example, if the impeller material is LV302B high-strength stainless steel, there has never been an impeller crack problem on  air screw air compressor products for so many years.

2. The unit must be installed in strict accordance with the requirements to ensure construction quality. Coupling alignment, bearing bush clearance, anchor bolt tightening, interference between bearing cover and bearing clearance, clearance between rotor and seal, motor foundation, etc. must meet relevant technical requirements.

3. Lubricating oil should be tested and replaced regularly. Every time you change the oil, drain out the residual oil and clean the fuel tank, filter, casing, cooler, etc. Oil products should be supplied through regular channels and regular manufacturers.

4. Operate carefully to avoid damage caused by the screw air compressor working point entering the surge zone. Before each start-up, the reliability of interlock shutdown, oil pump interlock start and stop, and anti-surge valve action must be tested. When adjusting the load, be careful not to overpressure.

5. Strictly control various parameters in accordance with the equipment operating procedures to avoid excessive low or high oil temperature and large fluctuations. The oil pressure meets the requirements, and the operation should be smooth and slow, avoiding big ups and downs.

6. Minimize the number of starts and stops. Every time a large unit is started, large vibrations will occur, which will cause serious damage to the bearings. Therefore, reduce the number of shutdowns, avoid sudden shutdowns under load, and strengthen inspection and maintenance of electrical circuits.

7. Plan to overhaul the unit once a year. Thoroughly maintain the interstage cooler, screw air compressor unit, and lubrication system according to the instructions. Perform flow channel cleaning, flaw detection, and dynamic balance inspection on the rotor. Core-pulling inspection of the cooler, cleaning of inner wall corrosion for anti-corrosion, etc.

8. After each maintenance, the instrument personnel must adjust and tighten the sensor nut so that the gap voltage meets the technical requirements and each connection point is firm and reliable to prevent measurement errors.

9. Introduce and install an online monitoring and fault diagnosis system for air screw air compressors, introduce new vibration measurement and judgment technology, and network monitor all major units so that problems can be discovered in time and dealt with early, and the modernization level of equipment management can also be improved.

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