Revolutionizing Math Education: Jefferson Union High School District Adopts Universal Design for Learning

The Jefferson Union High School District will also adopt Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, encompassing an innovative approach to teaching math. The goal is to have an inclusive, engaging curriculum that allows for a variety of learning styles for a lifelong interest in mathematics to begin.

This is a significant move toward transforming math education. The Jefferson Union High School District is proud to implement the principles of Universal Design for Learning. This new approach will ignite a passion for mathematics among students and embrace all learners in an inclusive and more engaging learning environment.

Universal Design for Learning is a framework built to allow maximum flexibility in learning and accommodate the broadest range of learners’ needs and preferences. It provides flexible learning environments with multiple means for representation, expression, and engagement. By tailoring mathematical concepts to be accessible through various formats, UDL strives to make math enjoyable and understandable for all students.

“Our mission is to unlock the joy of math for every student,” says Michael Rubin, Math Department Chair at Jefferson High School. “Implementing UDL principles transforms traditional math education into a dynamic and inclusive experience.”

Adopting UDL in the district marks a shift towards personalized learning approaches. UDL fosters a growth mindset and thus enables students to engage with mathematics in exciting ways that play to their curiosities and strengths—ways that allow them to “drive their learning express.” Interactive activities enable students to find beauty in mathematics as they connect to the real world.

“We feel that every student has the potential to do excellent mathematics,” says Rubin. UDL supports this by providing tools and support that inspire their passions and foster a lifelong appreciation for the subject.”

The real point of Universal Design for Learning is its respect for diversity in learning styles and abilities. What the educators of children like Rubin would like to achieve is that every student gains access to the curriculum in ways that work best for them. This means that something is represented in several forms, thereby giving a student, who may be more of a visual learner, an adequate chance to master learning, just like a student who may be more predisposed toward hearing or, more likely still, manual learning. What UDL promotes is the provision of many alternatives regarding action and expression so that students have recourse to a multitude of ways through which to display understanding. It stands for flexibility and inclusivity, and it empowers all students to be successful.

The UDL principles are one adoption in an overall scheme of the Jefferson Union High School District toward high-quality, equitable, and inclusive education for all. The district was established in 1922, and it encompasses the cities of Daly City, Brisbane, and Pacifica, the town of Colma, the CDP of Broadmoor, and part of the city of San Bruno. In support of a mission to find and meet each student where they are learning, the district ensures all students will demonstrate mastery of essential content standards upon graduation. Teachers in the district instruct from a commonly aligned curriculum, use many research-based instructional strategies, and make instructional decisions based on data. Together, this work means that students receive continuous formative feedback through standards-based grading and multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of the essential skills and content.

The district’s acceptance of UDL indicates its collective support for an inclusive and supportive learning climate. By coming together to unlock the joy of math via Universal Design for Learning, Jefferson Union High School District is paving the way to ensure all students embrace mathematical challenges with eagerness and confidence.

Individuals can explore the official website for more information about Jefferson Union High School District and its initiatives.

Corazon Navarez Estayan, a Mathematics Teacher at Jefferson High School, authored this announcement.

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