New Book Sheds Light on Childfree Living: “Complete Without Kids” by Ellen L. Walker, Ph.D.

New Book Sheds Light on Childfree Living: "Complete Without Kids" by Ellen L. Walker, Ph.D.

In a society where parenthood is often considered the norm, Ellen L. Walker, Ph.D., challenges conventional attitudes towards childfree living in her latest book, “Complete Without Kids: An Insider’s Guide to Childfree Living, By Choice or By Chance, 2nd Edition”. Drawing from personal narratives and insightful discussions, Dr. Walker offers a comprehensive exploration of the childfree lifestyle and its myriad benefits.

“Complete Without Kids” delves into the complex decision-making process surrounding parenthood, examining how personal choice and life circumstances intersect in the choice to live child-free. Through candid interviews and real-life stories, Dr. Walker highlights the diverse experiences of individuals and couples who have opted not to have children, providing valuable insights into the joys and challenges of child-free living.

Breaking taboos and challenging societal norms, “Complete Without Kids” tackles the stigma surrounding childfree individuals and celebrates their autonomy and freedom of choice. Dr. Walker confronts common misconceptions about child-free living, offering validation, support, and empowerment to readers navigating the decision to live without children.

The book also explores the financial, health, and personal advantages associated with choosing a child-free path. From greater financial freedom and improved well-being to enhanced personal fulfillment and self-discovery, “Complete Without Kids” showcases the multitude of benefits that child-free living can offer.

“Complete Without Kids” is a must-read for individuals considering parenthood, childfree individuals, couples, and singles seeking validation and guidance in their decision-making journey. With its compassionate and insightful approach, the book provides readers with the tools and support they need to embrace their child-free lifestyle with confidence and pride.

About the Author

Ellen L. Walker was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She lived in Japan, Maine, and North Carolina before settling down in Bellingham, Washington in 1991 to open a private practice in clinical psychology. Dr. Walker and her psychologist husband, Chris, enjoy an adventure-filled life with their two Border Terriers, Scuppers and Figgi.

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