Dr. Robyn White Spearheads Global Health Initiative with the Launch of the 1MM Campaign

Seattle, WA – May 30, 2024 – Today, Dr. Robyn White, DNP, FNP-BC, and esteemed women’s health advocate, unveils the ambitious 1MM (One Million Mammograms) campaign, designed to revolutionize women’s health on a global scale through proactive mammogram screenings. This initiative is set to empower and inspire women worldwide, advocating for early detection and proactive health strategies.

As a breast cancer survivor and an African-American woman, Dr. White has firsthand knowledge of the significant health disparities affecting minority women, who are often diagnosed at advanced stages and experience higher mortality rates. This alarming trend emphasizes the urgent need for early detection and preventive health measures. Recent recommendations to begin mammogram screenings at age 40 resonate deeply with Dr. White’s commitment to enhancing survival rates through early intervention.

Dr. White’s personal journey and professional expertise have positioned her as a leading authority in advocating for women’s health. Through the 1MM campaign, she champions her enduring message, “Heal Women, Heal The World,” encouraging all women to prioritize their health.

“Women are the lifeblood of our communities,” Dr. White asserts. “By safeguarding our health, we secure the future of our communities. The 1MM campaign aims to shift the narrative around breast cancer to one of empowerment, unity, and resilience.”

The 1MM Campaign is more than just a healthcare initiative; it is a call to action for women across the globe to unite in their health journey. Dr. White’s goal is to motivate at least one million women to undergo screening, thereby initiating a wave of awareness and proactive health engagement.

“Unity and resilience are at the core of this movement,” stated Dr. White. “We invite women everywhere to stand together and champion the health of women globally.”

About Dr. Robyn White

Dr. Robyn White is a celebrated health advocate and breast cancer survivor, dedicated to empowering women globally through proactive health measures and screenings.

Her guiding principle, “Heal Women, Heal The World,” illuminates her advocacy and the 1MM Campaign. Learn more about Dr. White and her mission at DrRobynWhite.com and follow her on all major social platforms @DrRobynWhite

Join the Movement

The 1MM Campaign invites women around the world to take the pledge, get screened, and engage in transformative health action. Together, we can make a profound impact on global women’s health. Take the pledge at DrRobynWhite.com/1MM.

“When we heal women, we heal the world.” – Dr. Robyn White

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